12 things everyone does when arriving at the airport

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So the day of your vacation has finally arrived and your dream destination is only a plane ride away. But before boarding that plane, there are things that everyone does once they step foot in the airport. After all, there’s a reason that most people arrive hours before their flight takes off. So what exactly happens when you reach the airport?

1. Take it all in

You walk through the sliding doors and there it is. The people, the sounds and the hustle and bustle. Let the excitement of vacation wash over you and feel zero shame about it.

Vacation excitement in full mode SOURCE: IMGUR.COM

2. Cross your fingers that your carry-on is actually a carry-on

You’ve convinced yourself that your carry-on can indeed be carried-on, but the real test will be at check-in. Cross your fingers and act cool.

SOURCE: Reddit.com
SOURCE: Reddit.com

3. Find out what the Wi-Fi password is

The sooner you know it, the quicker you’ll be able to use it. The world needs to know you’re at the airport and social media waits for no one.

Wifi can make or break the airport experience. SOURCE: IMGUR.COM

4. Ask if the flight is full

Your desire to have a window seat is strong. But the letter on your boarding pass does not look promising. If the flight is full, you hope that the “I need space” vibe you are radiating triggers the airline employee to give you the emergency exit seat. Hello leg room!


5. Intensely watch your luggage be carried away

When you are inevitably made to check your 50-pound bag, you’ll watch as it leaves your side and fades into the abyss. It’s like silently saying goodbye to a friend that you’ll impatiently wait for later that day. See you soon, compact travel companion.

See you soon, compact travel companion SOURCE: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
SOURCE: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

6. Think about what you’ll eat and drink

You haven’t even made it through security, but your mind is already on tacos and tequila (you are headed to Mexico after all). There is something about being in an airport that makes you want to slip into vacation mode before you’ve even reached your destination. It may be 8:30 a.m., but you have your eye on the prize and what is time anyway?

A good meal before takeoff is important SOURCE: WWW.SIMPSONSWORLD.COM
A good meal before takeoff is important SOURCE: WWW.SIMPSONSWORLD.COM

7. Dispose of liquids, aerosols and gels

There is a chance that during your last-minute scramble to pack, you forgot to separate your liquids, aerosols and gels. (If so, you may be an “Oops, I did it again” packer. Check here.) You don’t want to hold up the line at security, so you punt that travel shampoo and down that bottle of water like you’ve never heard of hydration before. Maybe an aisle would be the better seat choice…

No liquids, no problem SOURCE: IMGUR.COM

8. Scope out the bathroom situation

Since you just chugged a day’s worth of water, you should probably find the restroom. You tell yourself if you go now, you may be able to make it the length of the flight without cramming yourself into the tiny airplane bathroom — but you know that’s an airplane old wives tale, like being sat next to an attractive stranger or all you can eat free snacks on a short-haul flight.

Appreciate all the space in the airport SOURCE: IMGUR.COM

9. Find your gate

Is anyone ever at the gate right by airport security? Good thing you wore your running shoes, the clock starts now.

SOURCE: www.reactiongifs.com
SOURCE: www.reactiongifs.com

10. Make new friends

You’re in an airport full of people headed on vacation — it’s the perfect common ground to form a temporary yet tight friendship. Sure, you’re just chatting in the check-line right now, but soon enough, you’ll know how many kids they have and what they enjoy on their burger. BFFTNH (best friends for the next hour).

Ok, so maybe they are more of a mustard person SOURCE: WIFFLEGIF.COM
Ok, so maybe they are more of a mustard person SOURCE: WIFFLEGIF.COM

11. Rechecking the whereabouts of your passport

Your passport is basically like the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You need it to get to and from your destination and your vacation would be kaput without it. Deep down, you know that you’ve secured it on your person, but the fear of losing it drives you to do random spot checks.

You've got this SOURCE: CBC.CA/MRD

12. Check in with loved ones and strangers

Let them know you’re at the airport through text messages, Facebook status updates and Instagram shots of your overpriced iced latte. #YOLO (people still say that, right?) Whatever, you’re in vacation mode and you want everyone to know.

Checking in is important SOURCE: IAMASERVER.TUMBLR.COM
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What’s the first thing you do when you get to the airport? Let us know in the comments.

Main image: istockphoto/stock_colors

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