The world’s most hedonistic cruises

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Most cruises now offer cool, thrilling and hedonistic experiences.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before you could be forgiven for thinking they’re the preserve of leathery-skinned retirees keen to indulge in gastronomic excess in the staid, black-tie formality of yesteryear.

But they’re not. Okay, some cruises are still like that, but most now offer cool, thrilling and hedonistic experiences. Here’s our pick.

Cities afloat

With casinos, first-rate performers, bars, nightclubs and toga parties on board, the mammoth cruise ships run by the likes of Carnival and Royal Caribbean are practically floating versions of Las Vegas. As you’d expect of such a place, the parties teem with fun-seeking, attractive singles and rage well into the night (or simply never stop).

Clothing optional

Taking the idea of a more liberated form of travel to the extreme, there are a number of companies dedicated to running nude (clothing optional) cruises. If ever there was reason to reign in trips to the midnight buffet, surely walking around without any clothes on all day is it. Pack light, and forget the sunscreen at your peril.

Ends of the world

Few of our planet’s magnificent places have escaped the heavy hand of mass tourism. It’s perhaps only the most remote and challenging places that remain relatively untouched. The Geographical North Pole has to be one of those, and thanks to modern icebreakers, cruisers can now navigate to and disembark upon the top of the world.

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