The world’s 10 newest capital cities (Part 1)

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A look at the five countries born in this millennium.

Over 17.5 percent of the world’s 193 countries have been ‘born’ since 1990. We think that’s a pretty high number.

The birth of nations is nothing new, of course. History is jam-packed with the creation, merging, fragmentation and destruction of countries.

The trend in recent times has been toward fragmentation, flipping those set up by the colonialism and imperialism of the previous two centuries.

Of course, no new country is worth its salt without a capital. Here we take a look at the five countries born in this millennium.

Juba – South Sudan (Northeast Africa)

  • Independence: July 9, 2011
  • Population: 370,000

Pristina – Kosovo (The Balkans, Europe)

  • Independence: February 17, 2008
  • Population: 198,000

Belgrade – Serbia (The Balkans, Europe)

  • Independence: June 5, 2006
  • Population: 1,154,000

Podgorica – Montenegro (The Balkans, Europe)

  • Independence: June 3, 2006
  • Population: 625,000

Dili – East Timor (Southeast Asia)

  • Independence: May 20, 2002
  • Population: 193,000

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