Take the TMZ Hollywood tour?

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TMZ guides have brought celebs into the conversation with their fans.

If we’re honest, we’re not huge fans of city tours. Hop-on, hop-off? No thanks.

We’re just not that into soulless audio bites played at pre-determined spots along a fixed route. We’d rather go with the flow and find our own way around town.

But with their Hollywood bus tour, the people at TMZ have created something we can truly get onboard with.

The go-to place for Hollywood celebrity gossip online and on TV – notoriously they were the first organization in the world to break the news of Michael Jackson’s death – TMZ now offers its unique brand of celeb seeking aboard an open-air bus.

Okay, so their promise to reveal of the “secrets of Hollywood,” “the places celebrities go to party and play” and “the hotspots where you can mingle with the stars” is nothing new – so forget about that. It’s the on-board guide direct from TMZ’s website or TV show that makes this tour worth its admittedly weighty $50 (about £32) cover charge.

Always charismatic, insightful and totally shameless, these “celebrity gurus” have perfected the art of sniffing out an unsuspecting star and corralling them for their passengers’ pleasure.

With hawk-like vision, the agility of a gazelle and unparalleled charm, TMZ guides have brought the likes of P Diddy, Cee Lo Green, Ellen DeGeneres and Shaquille O’Neal into conversation with their adoring fans … all at a safe distance of course.

Some celebs have even hopped on the bus for a chat – that is if you consider Pauly Shore a celebrity!

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