Spring Break destinations

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Spring Break destinations

Save money by traveling to our top cheap spring break destinations

Think spring break is a distant thing of the future? Think again. In order to save on your week of ruckus and debauchery, start checking out spring break destinations as early as possible to find cheap flights and hotels that match your party-going budget.

Spring Break Destination #1: South Padre Island, Texas

This spring break destination adds a little southern hospitality to the idea of going wild. Few others places mix steel drums and country-drenched acoustic guitars in an active nightlife scene that yields live music and constant concerts.

Spring Break Destination #2: Cancun, Mexico

A land where margaritas top the food pyramid, Cancun is a spring break destination that nears paradise for students. Unstoppable nightlife, drink specials, and out-of-the ordinary events and attractions keep students coming back each year.

Spring Break Destination #3: Miami, Florida

Miami helps to add a little glam to your college-themed festivities. With a Latin-inspired vibe complimented by gourmet food, long-stretching beaches and top-notch shopping, South Beach gets the award for the most upscale potential for a spring break destination.

Spring Break Destination #4: Panama City, Florida

This all-day beach party extravaganza has spring break down pat. Existing as a nonstop spring break destination, Panama City, Florida brings the heat and keeps the party going from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.

Spring Break Destination #5: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A little up the coast of the U.S., Myrtle Beach serves as a versatile spring break destination that exists as a resort community and draws 14 million visitors a year to its golf courses, water parks, shopping malls, bars and clubs

Once you’ve chosen your budget-friendly spring break destination, all you’ll need is a cheap flight to spring break.

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