Escaping Election Day: One-way flights to Canada on the rise

It’s a big, election-filled world out there, and sometimes (*cough* right now *cough cough*) it feels like it would be easier to set your phone on airplane mode, pour yourself some wine/beer/tea and hide in bed under the covers until stuff gets sorted out. But, instead of hunkering down, Americans appear to be looking for ways to escape.

Looking at flight search patterns on, Americans have an eye out for a happy place, and Canada is the top pick. In fact, searches for one-way flights to Canada more than doubled (up 133 percent) on this Election Day when compared with searches the last four Tuesdays (through 6 p.m. ET on all days).

And, as polls closed and results started to roll in, the searches continued to accelerate. Between 6 p.m.  and 8 a.m. ET the jump was over 1000 percent compared to the average for the same time frame across the last four Tuesdays.

We understand the appeal of our neighbors to the north. They’re some of the friendliest and generally awesome people out there (not to mention, we do love us some maple syrup). Looking for Happyland? Canada has not just one, but two cities by that name. Take your pick.

But, if you can’t get to Canada, here are some other happy places where you might find solace.



Lounging in a hot bath that never goes cold, drinking red wine straight from the bottle.


On “The Tonight Show” going undefeated in a game of Pup Quiz.


Wrapped in a cashmere blanket by a crackling fireplace with Hugh Jackman right after “The Wolverine” wrapped.


Watching a live stream of baby pandas.


Enjoying a lap full of kittens who just need a quick snuggle.


Crouched in the hall closet eating your kids’ leftover Halloween candy (which includes the good stuff…not just Good & Plenty and Necco Wafers).


Binging a Netflix original series the night of its release with no interruptions and all-you-can-eat pizza that never gets cold (unless you want it to).


Spending the whole day at Disney with no line for Space or Splash Mountains and hardly a small child to be found.


Listening to lapping waves by the ocean on a perfectly warm summer night.


Basking in every available episode of Bob Ross until all you know is happy trees.


Getting the first crack at Target on Black Friday before the doors open to anyone else.


A quick pick-up basketball game where the only person who shows up is Kate Upton.


Toasting the ideal marshmallow (melted on the inside, slightly burnt on the outside) and turning it into a perfect s’more.



Three hours of uninterrupted adult coloring with the sharpest of colored pencils that never go dull.


Opening a brand new box of Lucky Charms and finding just the charms.


Fielding a successful call with your cable company that results in immediate service and a lifetime of free HBO.


Sharing a single-strand-of-spaghetti dinner with that special someone (or puppy. Preferably a puppy).


Making a bag of microwave popcorn where every kernel is popped and your house doesn’t end up smelling like a smokestack.


A road trip spent sandwiched between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling in an economy-sized rental car. 



But, still probably Canada.

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What’s your happy place? Share with us in the comments.


Featured image: istockphoto/autau

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