Northeast airports: BWI, Philly and Logan news

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Northeast airports are seeing major upgrades, from new routes out of BWI to clean-air equipment at Philly International.

There will be a new way to get from the Beltway to Germany come next July. Condor Airlines says it intends to launch twice-weekly Baltimore/Washington flights to Frankfurt beginning in July 2012. This is a seasonal affair.

Condor says it will use a three-class 767-300 on the transatlantic route. The big Boeings will be fitted with Comfort (business class), Premium Economy, and Economy seats.

Currently, there are nonstop Baltimore flights to Frankfurt.  Beltway fliers have to fly United or Lufthansa out of Dulles International.

Not far away in Philadelphia comes a move that’s easier felt than seen. Philadelphia International Airport is working with US Airways and United to clean up the air out on the tarmac. They’ve bought new eGSE – electrically-power ground support equipment, things such as baggage tractors and belt loaders.

In a prepared statement PHL says the new eGSE is “environmentally friendly” and “produces aero emissions.”

To support all this new electrical gear there are some 232 charging ports at the airport. By the end of 2012 some 200 pieces of eGSE will be humming around Philly’s tarmac.

Up the coast at Boston Logan there have been a bunch of terminal moves:

  • Nov. 2 discount airline AirTran will operate out of merger partner Southwest’s check-in and gate areas in Terminal E. Meanwhile, some of discount airline JetBlue’s flights will be staging out of AirTran’s old gates (40, 41, and 42) in Terminal C beginning in mid-November.
  • Nov. 17 discount airline Spirit will start flying form the US Airways side of Terminal B. It’s moving from the American Airlines side of the terminal.
  • One move could be permanent. American Eagle stops flying out of Logan Nov. 17. American Airlines proper will pick up Boston flights to New York Kennedy using Boeing 737s.

What’s up at your local airport that we should know about?

Story by Jerry Chandler

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