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Cheap Miami Hotels

Few cities are as steamy and sexy as Miami. But there’s more to Miami than just South Beach and spas. Miami caters to a wide variety of personalities – from the chic and classy to the all-night party-goer – and there’s a cheap Miami hotel for everyone.

The best Miami hotel rates are scored during slower tourist seasons – usually spring and summer. Midweek travelers can also find cheap Miami hotels, and if you’re willing to stay off the beach the cheap Miami hotel options are endless. Traveler tip: Before you choose a cheap Miami hotel in the suburbs, consider the commuting costs it will take to get into the downtown district or near the beach.

Where you stay in Miami will dictate a lot about your Miami vacation. One thing to consider when you book Miami hotels: freebies. The Miami hotels along the beach offer additional perks like beach chairs, towels and umbrellas to help keep travelers happy and close to the hotel. Miami knows it’s a fashionable and coveted destination, and hotel concierges’ will do anything they can to help book restaurant reservations and get you passes to dance clubs.

South Beach Hotels: The most popular Miami hotspot – South Beach – is draped in bikinis and beautiful people. South Beach is the place to be if you want 24-7 beach access, VIP access to the hippest bars and dance clubs, and an enormous array of cheap South Beach hotels. The beaches are covered in suntan oil and travelers vacationing in South Beach know the best-kept hotel secret: the closer to the beach, the better the South Beach hotel.

Many of the South Beach hotels are art-deco properties that date back to the early 1900s. These hotels are smaller than the more modern hotels so if space is a necessity, opt for a newer and larger hotel near North Beach. Price is a factor when staying in Miami Beach.

South Beach Hotels range from the extravagant to the budget-friendly, and there’s a bed for everyone. If you’re determined to be draped in decadence, check out Miami hotels directly on the beach including the Delano (a favorite hotel stop of partying celebrities), the Gansevoort, the Tides and the Ritz-Carlton South Beach. Cheap Miami hotels can be found near the Port of Miami and are a popular choice for travelers spending a night or two in Miami before boarding a cruise.

Coral Gables Hotels: Coral Gables – Miami’s well-manicured section of town – caters to a more mature and sophisticated crowd. Travelers booking Miami hotels in Coral Gables have two things in mind: golf and shopping. Coral Gables caters to the traveler who wants it all in one package.

Coral Gables hotels are set perfectly on Miami golf courses or historic landmarks, and some cheap Miami hotels can be found in Coral Gables’ shopping district along the Miracle Mile. Set off the beach and away from the late-night revelers, the tony town of Coral Gables offers travelers a wide variety of cheap miami hotel options for those with a set dollar in mind.

Coconut Grove Hotels: Second to South Beach as a tourist destination is Coconut Grove, Miami’s popular hot-spot off the beach. Still crammed with all the clubs, restaurants and shopping you can handle, the main difference between Coconut Grove and the South Beach is, in fact, the beach.

Since Coconut Grove is off the beach, there is a wide variety of cheap Miami hotels. The tourist area welcomes Miami travelers to the CocoWalk, an open-air shopping market, where all budgets are accommodated. The streets around the shopping district are filled with restaurants and boutique shops. It’s a quick trip back to your hotel after a walk around ‘the walk.

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