Love animals? You’ll love Saint Louis

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Get up close to your favourite animals at Saint Louis’s zoo, museum of the dog and endangered wolf center.

Here’s a memory test: Remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom – the groundbreaking nature show first featuring one-time Saint Louis Zoo Director Marlin Perkins? It introduced a generation of Americans to animals in the wild.

Perkin’s legacy lives today at the Saint Louis Zoo. Among the innovative initiatives here is a captive-breeding strategy designed to ensure the survival of a number of endangered species: black rhinos, okapies and some 80 other breeds. You can easily spend a day at this zoo. Be sure to see the Living World education and discovery center, where you can marvel at the diversity of this world we all inhabit.

While you’ll need a minimum of two to three hours to navigate the zoo, an hour should do it at the World Aquarium.  Kids should love it, especially the “please-touch tanks” stops where you can pet baby sharks, stingrays, turtles and assorted sea creatures. The aquarium is located in the City Museum.

Saint Louis is going to the dogs, figuratively speaking at least. If you favor canines The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is a must-see. See how Man’s Best Friend evolved over the ages. Revel in rare artwork. Plumb the pedigrees of Lassie, and Toto from the Wizard of Oz. There’s lot of interactive touch-screen learning here. This is the place for dog devotees.

Like unto the dog (very much like it) is the wolf. Explore the Endangered Wolf Center. See wolves from around the world. This experience is singular. Come, learn to love these lupines in a way Little Red Riding Hood never could.

Too intense? How about an avian encounter at the World Bird Sanctuary? This is one of largest such sanctuaries anywhere. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of WBS breeding facilities, and see songbirds like you’ve never done before.

Story by Jerry Chandler

(Image: tfduesing)

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