Last-minute flights: Oct. 26

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When people think weekend getaway, they usually think something close to home. This week United and American are serving up international deals.

When people think weekend getaway, they usually think something close to home – or at least in the same country. United/Continental and American would like to broaden your horizons a bit. To that end, two back-to-back international weekend sales:

Book and buy United/Continental by Friday, Oct. 28 and a hemisphere of savings opens up. Depart Friday any time after 7 p.m., or all day Saturday Oct. 29. Return home Monday Oct. 31 or Tuesday Nov. 1. These are round-trip rates. Taxes and fees are not included:

  • Chicago flights to Edmonton are $314.
  • Chicago flights to Montreal are $230.
  • Cleveland flights to Montreal are $139.
  • Denver flights to Regina are $230.
  • Denver flights to Vancouver are $338.
  • Houston flights to Bogotá are $649.
  • Houston flights to Calgary are $299.
  • Houston flights to San Pedro Sula are $399.
  • Houston flights to Panama City, Panama are $469.
  • Houston flights to Vancouver are $299.

American Airlines has its own international sale the following weekend. Purchase your tickets no later than Sunday Oct. 30, this for flights departing anytime Tuesday Nov. 1 through Friday Nov. 4, and returning home Monday Nov. 7 or Tuesday Nov. 8. These fares are each way, but you’ve got to make a round-trip purchase to get them.

  • Hartford flights to San Juan are $109.
  • Miami flights to St. Croix are $170.
  • Chicago flights to Mexico City are $241.
  • Boston flights to London are $250.
  • New York flights to London are $250.
  • Raleigh/Durham flights to London are $265.
  • Chicago flights to London are $296.
  • New York flights to Zurich are $302.

What’s your favorite foreign weekend retreat? Tell us.

Story by Jerry Chandler

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