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While it’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, there’s no doubt you’ll want to remember your jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, breath-taking Las Vegas trip the minute you land back home from your return Vegas flight. One of the best ways to see Vegas is on the casino floors. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, a thrill-seeking single or a passionate couple, there’s a Las Vegas hotel and casino built for you.Sin city is home to some of the most unique – and enormous – hotels in the world, and there are plenty of cheap Las Vegas hotel deals available.

We’ve rolled the dice and placed our bets at matching Sin City casinos with your personality. They call it gambling. We call it risky business.

You Are: The High Roller

Some people book flights to Vegas to party, others to indulge in a decadent spa session, and few more come to quite plainly see what all the hot mess is about. Veteran gamblers are not these people. Although the word “veteran” might conjure images of a war-torn elderly man with battle stories wearing cardigans, these veterans are of a different cloth. These sleek, powerful, ladies-and-gentlemen-about-town are seasoned in the art of slots, tables, and cards, and know where and when to strike. The high rollers want the whole package – the scene, the cast, and the plot – on top of a few deluxe comps here and there.

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel: If Steve Wynn is the Almighty God of Vegas, then this is the Vatican, and every night is Christmas. Saturated in comps for the most honorable of players, the Wynn may not be the biggest in size, but it certainly makes up for it in stature. Nearly 2,000 slots, some reel spinning, others video, and remarkable poker machines can be played for anywhere between a penny and $5,000. Between the Wynn Megabucks, Windfall, and the Wynn Signature Series, you’ll be playing like a king, and poker fanatics will love the daily No Limit Texas Hold’Em tournaments. If you become a Red Card holder, you’ll gain access to places beyond the imagination, and be able to reserve high-status reservations at shows and restaurants – not to mention the esteemed Wynn Country Club.

Red Rock Casino Resort Spa: She’s located off the strip, and reserved for experienced navigators. One most approach with a steady hand when heading into the Red Rock, and only the most skillful Vegas players know how to capture the hidden treasures of this Vegas gem. The Red Rock’s state of the art facilities houses thousands of games with 3,000 of the newest slot and video machines, two high-limit areas, and an awesome race and sports book. If you have a Boarding Pass there, you’ll gain points at restaurants, hotels, cinemas, bowling lanes, shows, concerts, and much more. Nearby is the Golden Nugget – the timeless classic that has won awards for the Best Casino, Luckiest casino, and Best Service. Join the 24-Karat Club to cash in on rooms, invitations, and VIP events.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino: With 129,000 square feet of space to roam, any high roller on Vegas flights will be happy to stray here. This modern day Roman Empire has been the site of more million-dollar slot machine jackpots than any other place in the world. With towering columns, regal chairs, dome ceilings, and an entrancing golden color scheme, you’ll be locked into the magic found at Caesars. If you’re lucky, you might spot Elton John, Better Midler, or Cher here, because after all, you’re playing with the big kids now.

You Are: The Vegas Virgin

It’s not that you don’t know what you’re doing, you just don’t quite know how to do it, yet. Have no fear Vegas Virgins – there’s always room for another high-roller at the table, and you’re just a hop, skip, and a free martini away from being a master. A few novice-friendly establishments offer penny and nickel slots, free gambling lessons, and low-pressure interiors to lighten the mood and allow you to absorb the ins and outs of the craft. Take your time. Focus. Spend a few hours at one of these approachable casinos before you head out into the wild. With all the money you saved on your cheap hotel in Vegas, you’ll be able to risk a few pennies at the table.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino: The secret behind this little destination is that it is not, in fact, a destination-type place. While it’s fabulously situated near the Mirage, the Palazzo, the Wynn, and the Fashion Show Shopping Mall (which, let’s face it, might be the reason you hopped a Vegas flight anyway), it doesn’t experience the same kind of big-name, high-roller, heavy-hitter gambling traffic. The ambience here is thematically intense, but not intimidating, so you can breathe easy as you acquaint yourself with the poker room, table games, chichi lounge, and cheap slots.

New York, New YorkHotel & Casino: Who knew The Big Apple would fit so sweetly inside Sin City? If this is the first time you’ve boarded a flight to Vegas in serious attempt to shake up casinos, then New York, New York is a great fusion of east and west, rookie and veteran. The décor inside is more entrancing than the gambling itself, so your initial journey into the New York, New York casino will be painless, and quite pretty. Cheap slots, friendly table games, fascinating shows, and gourmet dining are other attributes that make this casino a perfect preface for the rest of your loving relationship with the game.

You Are: Single and Drinking Double

You’re one of the hot blooded. Vegas is your playground to meet and mingle, especially along The Strip, and there’s no shame in admitting your prowling ways. Your repertoire consists of sunset gambling as a pre-game kickoff for the clubs later in the evening. You’ll need nothing less than a glass of champagne, a few go-go dancers, and an energizing whirl of life, lights, and lounge. We understand. The glitz and glamour of celebrity-studded spots best suit you and your designer-clad gang, so jot down these perfectly polished establishments before your board your flight to Vegas, and get ready to kick off your evening among the sultry, sexy singles.

PalmsLas Vegas Hotel: The Palms thrives itself on fantasy, so it’s no wonder that this is the place where the young and the restless wander. A celebrity playing field littered with A-listers, stylish garb, and haute everything, the Palms is a racy tribute to the scandal and sumptuousness that you’d expect when you dream about stepping on a flight to Vegas. But we know your type. The provocative nightlife and never-ending stream of the most attractive people on earth are far more important than the pristine selection of games like black jack, craps, roulette, baccarat, and three kinds of poker. What you really need to know is that the Playboy Club is on the 52nd floor, and further up is the outrageous nightclub Moon, which has a retractable roof.

Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino: This Hard Rock actually rocks…. Hard. When you get your Rockstar Player’s Card, you’ll get access to concerts, nightclubs, and suites, and be admitted to the Poker Lounge, where a full bar, private VIP lounge, bottle service, iPod stations, and big screen TVs are ready at your leisure. Oh, and don’t forget Hell’s Belles – the go-go dancers that have been known to frequent black jack tables. Rock on.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino: Welcome to two floors of the best kind of madness money can buy. With a staff that saturates its guests with complimentary everything, ceilings glittering with lights, and music filling every corner of this trendy hot spot, the MGM strikes a chord harmonious to all the single people. Enormous sports screens tower over the crowd, while the table games, slot machines, and poker tournaments turn up the heat in competition. Upstairs, the infamous Studio 54 offers a modern interpretation of the original, with four dance floors and bars, decked with videos, lighting, and live dancers.

You Are: Happily Coupled (On a “Do Not Disturb” Weekend)

Sneaking away with your sweetheart? We’ve got you covered — in and out of the best sheets in Las Vegas. Whether you’ve already tied the knot, or hopping a Vegas flight to say “I do” in front of Elvis, a tantalizing setting for two awaits you. If you’re looking to spice up the night with the real rush of Vegas, then only the most luxurious will do. You’ll need casinos infused with as much high intense romance as there are high rollers, furnishings dripping in elegance, and service that rivals royalty. Breathe easy, because the strip brings the heat you’re looking for.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino: We know you’re jumping on that flight to Vegas with your honey to order up some sly quality time, but what could be more romantic than Europe? Well, Europe in Vegas, of course. The Venetian’s state of the art casinos fit hand in hand with the wealth and lavishness of the building. Gleaming marble floors, hand-painted fresco ceilings, and coveted plush furnishings fuse the casino with elegance and artistry. Wistful archways and a glowing indoor sky surround the gondolas that cruise the canals, painting a picture perfect paradise that woos many a couple night after night.

Bellagio Hotel: This unbeatable, five-diamond award winning action makes the Bellagio’s casino rival the opulence of its delicious chocolate fountain (the biggest in the world). Classy to a fault, stylish in entirety, and inspiring to say the least, gaming here is a completely singular experience. Inside the high limit lounge Club Prive, a cool, private atmosphere is maintained to enhance the passion of the games – not that you’d need help with that. When you’re done with the games downstairs, feel free to bring them elsewhere.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel: Resist the temptation to utter “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?” on your flight to Vegas. Let the cobblestone pathways, iron street lamps, and Parisian ambiance overtake your senses. Situated at the base of the illuminated Eiffel Tower, the Paris casino is lit by an artificial sky, giving way to slots, table games, poker tournaments, sports books, and keno rounds. Seven unique bars and lounges await you and your special someone to start speaking the language of love.

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