How to use Pinterest for travel

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Pinterest might as well have been made for travel.

Pinterest might as well have been made for travel. Once you’ve got a handle on it (and it really doesn’t take long – we promise!), the virtual pinboard makes an excellent tool for discovering places, learning about future destinations and planning travel arrangements.

We clearly think it’s great. But it would be even better if more travel lovers started using it. So we’re sharing a few tips on using Pinterest for travel.

Become a curator of inspiration

Travel and photography have always gone hand in hand. Inspirational places beget inspirational images, and vice versa. One way or another, beautiful travel photographs find their way online. Whether they’re on Pinterest already or floating in cyberspace just waiting to be pinned down, gather together the places that excite you on your own ‘Inspirational Places’ board. You never know what a search might throw up – we bet you discover some inspirational places that you’d never heard of before.

Compose your own insider travel guides

Are you one of those people who trawls the internet for insight into his next destination? If you are, Pinterest is a fantastic way to organize all those useful factoids and possibilities you uncover. Make one board for your destination as a whole or several separate boards for the different aspects of your trip. Pin web pages or Pinterest profiles for hotels, sights, restaurants, bars, events, reviews and online guidebooks in one spot to create your own personalized travel guide. Never again will you have that annoying thought ‘Where did I read that?’.

Share the love

Okay, so you could argue a Pinterest board is nothing more than a glorified bookmark folder. But there is a subtle difference. Pinterest allows you to share and collaborate with others who have similar interests and goals. Family members, friends and total strangers can all benefit from the inspiration you’ve curated and guides you’ve composed. More than that, they can comment on your pins and boards and, if you give them permission, become contributors to your boards too. Chances are you’ll glean a few useful tips and insights from all that feedback.

Document your travels

Remember the days when you used to keep all the ticket stubs and plane tickets from your trips in a messy journal for posterity? Spare yourself the trouble of scissor cuts and sticky tape – scrapbook 21st-century style by collecting all your memories into one epic pinboard.

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