How to protect your travel documents

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Keep your most important paperwork safe while you’re traveling.

Losing your passport or airplane tickets can quickly ruin the best of trips. Keep your most important paperwork safe with these tips to protect your travel documents.

Passport (Image: jaaron)
Passport (Image: jaaron)

Know which travel documents to carry

When traveling, you’ll need to carry identification like a passport or driver’s license. If you’re traveling abroad, you may also need a visa to enter the country. Credit cards, debit cards and some cash are important to fund your travels. In addition to your itinerary, you’ll want to carry your hotel reservation information, airplane tickets and car rental information (keep in mind you’ll typically need your driver’s license, not just your passport, to drive a rental car abroad). In case any health issues come up during your trip, you should carry a list of your health information, including your doctor’s information, allergies, medications, insurance information and proof of vaccination.

Buy protective gear

Traveling can take its toll on your important travel documents. Protect your documents with high quality travel gear like passport holders, wallets, personal travel bags and waterproof cases. You may also want to purchase a small lock that can be used to secure the bag in which you’ll be storing your travel documents.

Credit cards (Image: Images_of_Money)
Credit cards (Image: Images_of_Money)

Keep copies

Before you leave for your trip, make copies of all of your important travel documents. This includes your passport, visa, driver’s license, credit cards, traveler’s checks, airplane tickets, hotel reservation confirmations and any confirmations for tours or activities. Keep in mind, you may also want to print out directions to various places if you won’t be using your phone abroad. Keep one set of copies in your luggage and make sure a trusted family member or friend back home has another set just in case. You can even scan your documents and keep electronic copies, if you’ll have computer access during your travels.

Keep your documents in a secure place

Don’t place your important travel documents in a checked bag or a suitcase that’s going to be left with the front desk at your hotel. Make sure your most important travel documents (passport, drivers license, credit cards, etc.) are as close to your person as possible. If you’re not able to carry them on you, make sure you place them in a secure area, such as your hotel room’s safe.

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