41 excuses to tell your boss to extend your weekend trip

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The last long weekend of summer is upon us, and, if you’re lucky, you’re spending it traveling. Whether it be a beach excursion, a quick city getaway or another end-of-summer celebration, by Monday, you’ll probably be wishing for an extra day or two to soak up the sun or slip into recovery mode (neither of which can be done from the office). If you have your heart set on extending your long weekend trip (or, if you don’t have Monday off from work already), here are 41 excuses that just might come in handy. Read on, and then start searching for your next (long) weekend getaway on Cheapflights.com.

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1. Your paddle boat got caught in some sort of Bermuda Triangle-like scenario and you are stranded in the middle of… not nowhere, but certainly a lake. You are probably going to need a few days to get to shore.
2. Your dog (whose existence you have never mentioned until now) completely ate your passport. Who knows how long you could be prevented from crossing the border.
3. Isla Nublar is beautiful this time of year, but now you’re being hunted by dinosaurs that have escaped their sanctuary! What’s that? “Jurassic Park?” Never heard of it.
4. Turns out, you’re allergic to tequila.
5. You’re sunburnt and there’s an aloe shortage. Clothing is just not an option for you right now, and casual Friday is still a week away.
6. You said you didn’t like Calvin Harris at a music festival. The mobs have turned against you. There is no way you can shake this off.

Paddle Boarding on Lake Pleasant
Mary Fairchild, Lake Pleasant Paddle Boarding via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

7. You’re trapped in a closet.
8. The all-you-can-eat-buffet has left you with the all-you-can-barf-all-day.
9. Apparently, “The Walking Dead” is based on a true story… and now you are trying to escape some zombie apocalypse, and you didn’t check a bag, so you are without sturdy leather boots or your crossbow. You’re honestly jealous of everyone safely back at the office.
10. You were traveling with your pregnant friend and now you are experiencing a phantom pregnancy. So, you’re going to need to take some phantom maternity leave.
11. You thought that chanting “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” would get you home. It didn’t.
12. You lost your friend Doug…er…Daryl and you can’t come back until you find him/her.
13. Everyone’s car broke down. Simultaneously.
14. The line to get out of Coachella actually takes an extra 48 hours.
15. There is a terrible storm preventing you from flying. For some reason, they aren’t reporting it on the news, though. Weird, right?
16. There is something going around called “heatwave.” You should probably wait a few days to make sure you don’t have it.
17. Total misunderstanding… but, you’re in jail.
18. You have fresh coconut poisoning.

Couple sips coconut at resort
PROPortoBay Hotels & Resorts, hotel PORTO BAY RIO INTERNACIONAL | Rooftop Pool via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

19. You got on the wrong flight and now you are lost in the wrong city. Can you believe your family never noticed you were missing?
20. You used some expired sunscreen and now you’re sick.
21. Somehow, without being related, you are the identical twin of a princess from a foreign country. It would be rude to leave the celebration they are holding for you.
22. Armageddon!! But, just at this quaint cottage you’re at. Seriously, your luck is SO bad.
23. Stuck in a sand castle. Send help.
24. You’ve found yourself in the danger zone. No explanation needed, right?
25. You’re suffering from PVG (post-vacation grief). You are going to need a few personal days to heal.
26. You’ve had a selfie-inflicted accident. A serious wrist sprain was involved. Don’t trust selfie sticks. No Instagram filter is safe.

Selfie stick in ocean
Anders Lejczak, Perfect Selfie – Travelling with the Fuji X100T via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

27. You’re experiencing acute “change in weather disease.” WebMD says it could be pretty dangerous and is highly contagious.
28. Hiking accident. You’d be surprised how much hiking can be done during a shopping trip.
29. Boys weekend was ruined by the presence of girls. Need a few extra days to turn things around.
30. Your mom got sick and can’t return home yet. Of course, she comes on all vacations with you and your significant other.
31. Hotel maid stole all of your belongings… except for your phone. Thank goodness for little miracles.
32. Your luggage has been lost and now you have nothing to wear to the office.
33. You’ve developed a rare allergy to the indoors. Should be better after a few days of Claritin.
34. Your dog has become lost cargo. Ok, not YOUR dog…but you are still pretty torn up about it and need to take a personal day.
35. You got engaged! Yes, it is crazy how just three weeks ago you were complaining about being single. When you know, you know.

Engagement Ring & Watch
Kurtis Garbutt, Kurtis GarbuttEngagement Ring & Watch via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

36. You’ve been dumped. Yes, it is crazy that just three weeks ago you were complaining about being single. That’s what you get for taking a chance on love (and Tinder).
37. You have to catch a later flight. Apparently your “crying” was disturbing the other flyers and you were asked to leave.
38. The ferry is not working. Turns out, there is too much water right now.
39. You misplaced your map and now you are lost. Sadly, no, the map on your iPhone is not working either…
40. You tour guide passed on… to another location and you are just too torn up about it.
41. *Cough. Cough.*

Which excuse are you going to use? Share with us in the comments (your secret’s safe with us). And, now that you have your cover story, start planning your next getaway.

Featured image: istockphoto.com/sirawit99

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