Get sporty in Rio

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Why not give one or two of these sports a go in Rio?

Heartbreak! The London Olympics finish today. By 5:30pm this evening all the sports will be finished and only the closing ceremony will remain.

There, with a ceremonial exchanging of flags, the spotlight will shift from London to Rio de Janeiro, the host of the Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

Does that mean for the next four years we forget about all the sports we’ve just become fans of, and pseudo-experts on? It doesn’t have to.

Brazil is a sport crazy nation, and contrary to popular belief, they don’t just excel in soccer. They’re world powers in a number of Olympic and non-Olympic events like beach volleyball, beach soccer, windsurfing, kiteboarding and jiu-jitsu. So why not give one or two of them a go. Better still, why not give them a go in Rio!

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