Get married underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

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Couples can now tie the knot underwater in the surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef.

Where was the last wedding you went to held? A place of worship? A public office? A garden? Perhaps it was held at a beautiful private house?

While these are many – maybe even most – people’s idea of nice wedding venues, for some, these traditional and established places just won’t do. They feel the need to push the boat out…in some cases, quite literally.

Thanks to one enterprising company in Australia, couples can now tie the knot underwater in the surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef.

After sailing two hours from mainland Queensland on a private charter catamaran, bride and groom suit up in full scuba gear before sinking beneath the ocean’s surface for their certified nuptials…afterwards they’re presented with a waterproof certificate – you can’t make this stuff up!

Underwater weddings aren’t what you’d call invitation only…the ocean runs an open guest list. You have to be ready to host fish, coral and molluscs and maybe even a dolphin or two. (Probably still easier guests than your crazy drunken uncles…)

The cost of the ceremony starts at just under $6,200, which includes dive gear complete with an underwater communication system…so no excuses about having not heard the vows.

No doubt there are a few future mothers-in-law out there who’d balk at this idea. But even they can take heart: the borrowed (the breathing apparatus) and the blue (the azure waters of the Coral Sea) are already taken care of, and only the something old and the something new need arranging.

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