Fun things to do on long flights

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Air travel is a crucial part of life for many of us, from vacationers to business frequent fliers. It has come a long way too, in the past few decades. Today, travelers can enjoy better meals and top-notch in-flight entertainment. However, on long-haul flights, the confined space and lack of things to do can make the trip rather boring. At some point, even the movies playing on the embedded seat monitors lose their appeal. With some advance preparation, air travelers can bring along a few simple items and hi-tech gadgets to help make the flight a lot more fun.

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Use the time on the airplane to catch up on a few things that you might have been putting off for a while. One of the most popular things is to simply fall asleep. Many people tend to be quite harried and exhausted in the days leading up to their trip, and find that the flight lulls them to sleep very soon. For those who cannot sleep, bring along a good book to read or some simple crafts like knitting or sketching. Alternatively, bring a puzzle book and work on a Sudoku or crossword puzzle. A laptop, notebook, or tablet can also come in handy for playing games, watching movies, catching up on work, and more. For something less active, simply listen to an MP3 player or chat up the person in the next seat. Chances are they might be just as bored, and starting a conversation is a welcome way to pass the time. To keep legs and backs from getting stiff, take a little walk around the plane. If you have a small camera handy, take a few shots from the windows to commemorate the trip!

People traveling with kids might find that the act of keeping kids from getting bored is entertaining enough! Before heading to the airport, pack a few small books (including activity or coloring books), games, and the child’s favorite stuffed toy. Those with multiple children should ensure that they have sufficient supplies for each child so that they do not fight. Try reading aloud to children, or ask them to write out their own story. Many airline companies also offer activity packs for kids, so ask an attendant for one. Check through the offered in-flight entertainment for cartoons or movies suitable for children. One way to help children enjoy their trip is to involve them in some non-messy crafts related to air travel. For example, show them how to make a paper airplane, or let them draw a picture of themselves in the plane. Dealing with teenagers on flights is usually much easier. Encourage them to bring along a magazine or book to read. Teens who enjoy video games can bring a handheld portable gaming system or tablet along too. It’s always a good idea to bring along a small laptop and purchase downloadable movies in advance. This way, kids and teens can have some of their favorite movies to watch on the plane, instead of being restricted to the in-flight entertainment selections.

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With some pre-planning, air travel can actually be plenty of fun. While it is useful to bring along entertainment options, do keep in mind that packing light is also advisable. Check at the stores for travel versions of board games, or bring along a small paperback instead of a large heavy hardcover book. Considering what to do on the flight in advance is a good way to stave off boredom since fliers will approach their flight with a plan.

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