Cheapflights is a believer in the premise that if you fly with pets, you need to know what’s out there that can help — and hurt — them. One carrier that stands out in its treatment of animals is Midwest Airlines. The carrier’s Premier Pet Program is first-rate. Now, it’s getting even better. Midwest is teaming up with pet supply retailer Doctors Foster and Smith (Web site: to establish what the airline calls “a one-stop resource” for folks who fly their pets.

How safe is it? What kind of documentation do you need? What kind of kennel is required? This and more questions are answered at a specially designed Web page (

One guy who’s on-board with the idea is David Frei, the voice of the Westminster Dog Show. He does a lot of traveling with Uno, the 2008 Best In Show-winning beagle. Frei applauds the link between Midwest and Doctors Foster and Smith.

Visit the site and learn:

– How to train your pet to travel by air;
– How to get the right kind of documentation;
– How to exercise your animal before boarding;
– About common myths and mistakes;
– How to select the right kind of carrier or kennel;
– How to schedule a vet visit before departure;
– How to pick the right airline for your animal;
– How to check them in, and;
– How to relieve your animal’s stress.

All this should go a long way in relieving your stress too.

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