Float above the Canadian Rockies on Glacier Skywalk

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You’ve never seen the Canadian Rockies quite like this.

You’ve never seen the Canadian Rockies quite like this.

Walking along a glass-bottom walkway jetting out from the Rockies in Alberta’s Jasper National Park, you’ll feel like you’re in the midst of nature’s wonders as you gaze at the mountains of the Sunwapta Valley.

The experience is part of the forthcoming Glacier Skywalk, an experience that will offer unobstructed views of the Sunwapta Valley through a glass walkway that floats above the Rockies.

“The Glacier Skywalk is an inspiring world class new attraction” said David McKenna, interim president of Brewster Travel Canada. “From its inception, this experience was designed to integrate with the wilderness, inviting visitors to learn, discover and explore. The engaging interpretive experiences, views of the glacial valley, rushing waterfalls and sightings of mountain goats and bighorn sheep will ensure that guests leave the Glacier Skywalk with a powerful connection to and long lasting memories of the incredible landscapes they stand within.”

The experience starts with an introduction to glaciers around the world, as well as Sunwapta Valley, its water and its geology. Along the Discovery Trail, you’ll learn all about the region’s natural resources and its importance to the area’s ecology.

Once you finish the interpretive experience, you’ll have a chance to stroll along the center’s crown jewel: the Discovery Vista observation platform. Standing nearly 100 feet from the cliffs on the glass-bottom walkway floating 918 feet above the valley, it’s hard not to feel like you’re one with the mountains. You’ll also enjoy unparalleled views of the incredible glaciers and mountainside below.

Set to debut to the public on May 1, the Glacier Skywalk will be open to visitors between May and September during daylight hours. Admission will be $24.95 CAD and the center is expected to be able to accommodate 600 visitors per hour. For more information, check out the Glacier Skywalk website.

(All images courtesy of Brewster Travel Canada)

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