Flight crews FTW: Going above and beyond at 30,000 feet

Despite recent events (coughcough, American Airlines, coughcoughICYMI), the skies can be a pretty friendly place thanks to some almost-angelic airline crew members. While there is no excuse for bad behavior, there are some other viral videos out there showing flight crews going out of their way to make your flight memorable for all the right reasons.

So, we’re giving a few shout outs to some of the in-flight crew members who are making your flight (and day) a little bit better. Here are six amazing ways flight crews have gone above and beyond and gave us all the feels at 30,000 feet. These aren’t tears, it’s the cabin pressure.

Baby on board!

Hey ladies, where’s the last place you’d want to be when your water breaks? Sittin’ pretty in 15D six hours into a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles falls somewhere between abandoned mine shaft and the moon. But a China Airlines flight crew was quick to come to a pregnant woman’s rescue. Flight attendants recently played back-up to a doctor on board, helping to deliver a premature but healthy baby. Talk about an airline with all the frills!

The mid-air matchmaker

What better way to pop the question to your significant other than while soaring through the friendly skies? Nothing says romance like a window seat with a view and a plastic mini-bottle of Pinot Grigio paired with lightly salted peanuts. (You have to respect the confidence of a mid-air proposal. We’re guessing you’re expecting an affirmative answer… after all, there aren’t any quick exits here.) Nonetheless, a successful in-flight engagement can only be pulled off with the help of a willing and romantic flight crew who may have seen “The Notebook” one too many times (we don’t judge!). 

Whether you need a quick intro before you hop on the mic…

Some jetBlue A/V support…

Or a little encouragement…

Must love dogs

It’s a flight crew’s job to look out for the well-being of a plane’s passengers… and sometimes that extends to any furry fliers on board, as well. The flight crew of an Air Canada flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto was quick to look out for a French bulldog named Simba traveling in the cargo area when there was a glitch with its heating system. Quick to react, the crew diverted the plane to Germany where Simba was safely boarded onto another flight. No one likes a flight delay, but this pilot got props. After all, a 75-minute delay can’t compete with puppy love. The only thing that could have made this story any better is if the pilot held Simba up “Lion King”-style upon landing. 

Words from the Window Seat

American Airlines flight attendant Taylor Tippett wants to make you smile. What started as a self-reflective doodle (“Be kind to yourself”) taped to a plane window has become a movement of self-love, inspiration and paying it forward. If you’re lucky enough, you may find yourself on one of Tippett’s flights with a message waiting for you. If not, her Instagram and hashtag (#wordsfromthewindowseat) are there with a positive message whenever you need one. 

Above and beyond 

While airlines are often held to tight schedules, sometimes life has different ideas, and it’s how people react in those moments that matter most. In 2013, United Airlines delayed departure of a man’s connecting flight in Houston so he could get to his dying mother before her passing. Similarly, in 2011, Southwest held a flight at the gate so a grandfather could make it to the hospital where his 2-year-old grandson was being removed from life support. 

In-flight entertainment

Step aside, seat-back TV. Some in-flight staff are dishing out a little extra entertainment. When you love what you do, that enthusiasm is contagious. And, when you’re a passenger on a long-haul flight, a little enthusiasm can go a long way. Sometimes going above and beyond doesn’t involve plane diversions and Lamaze breathing exercises… but simply a little rhythm. We’re not necessarily saying the flight crew should reenact a choreographed version of the Britney Spears “Toxic” video, but a little dancing in the aisles is always appreciated. 

And sometimes it’s as simple as wishing a 10-year-old passenger Happy Birthday with a plane-wide singalong. Hopefully she wished for many more awesome flight attendants like this (or a plane full of better singers for her 11th birthday serenade)!


A few other reasons to love your flight crew:

Main Image: Paul Stocker, Somewhere over Austria via Flickr CC BY 2.0

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