Don’t be a foolish traveler!

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Happy April Fools’ Day! We’re sharing our top five traveling dos and don’ts to help keep foolishness to a minimum on your next vacation.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

It’s all fun and games today, but being foolish when you’re traveling can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, not to mention spending. So, we’re sharing our top five dos and don’ts to help keep foolishness to a minimum when it comes to your next vacation:

DO read up on visa and entry requirements. It’s always important to know what the entry and exit criteria are for everywhere you’re going. If a visa is necessary, make sure you leave yourself ample time to secure one, and then be cognizant of the time-frame–some visas can be issued for six months while others are only good for two weeks. Also, the time you have often starts from when you receive the visa–not when you enter the country. Fines for overstaying can be hefty.

DON’T keep all your valuables in one place. Split up where you store credit cards and money (i.e. half of your cash and a credit card in a wallet, the rest of your cash and a debit card in a safe) then you’ll always have backup just in case. As for passports, avoid carrying them on your person at all times. A safe is always your best bet; if your room doesn’t have one most hotels will provide a secure lock box at the front desk.

DO be careful with packing liquids. Nothing’s more annoying than a leak over the only clothes you brought. Opt for solids as much as possible (yup, there’s such a thing as solid toothpaste and shampoo bars) and always double bag liquids.

DON’T over-pack. A full suitcase is cumbersome and especially annoying when you want to bring home souvenirs! Rule of thumb is to always leave a little bit of room going so you can shop for gifts freely.

DO photocopy your passport and other important travel documents. It’s just a precaution, but it may help salvage what’s left of your vacation if you accidentally lose any of the aforementioned items. It’s much easier proving your identity and getting a new passport if you have a copy.

DO have a great time!

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