Delta’s new in-flight safety video is so totally ’80s

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Delta’s latest safety video makes in-flight safety downright entertaining.

Let’s be honest for a minute: What’s your favorite part of flying? The views from the window seat? The free drinks on international flights? Scoring an empty row of seats on an otherwise crowded plane?

Well, no matter what your answer is, it’s probably a safe bet the in-flight safety demonstration wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. But Delta Airlines is working to change that.

The airline has been changing the in-flight safety demonstration game for years now with its series of safety videos, which have taken the place of flight attendants doing demonstrations in the aisles. And let’s be really honest: Do we always give flight attendants our full attention during the seat-buckling portion?

But Delta’s latest safety video does the seemingly impossible by making in-flight safety not only interesting, but downright entertaining. Go ahead, we dare you not to sit through the entire clip:

(Main image: Andrei Dimofte)

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