The coolest places to camp in Scotland

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Head overseas and into the wild to Scotland’s most remote and picturesque landscapes. Ditch the stresses of city life in favor of dramatic scenery and surreal tranquility under the stars. Here’s our round up of the coolest spots to camp in Scotland.

Loch Tay

Journey to the dark waters of the Loch Tay, the largest loch in Perthshire and explore the heart of the highlands. Trade in your tent for a more glamorous wigwam that comes complete with all the comforts of home like a fridge and kettle – and if you really want to go all out, get one with an en-suite bathroom. Nestled in your wooden abode you can enjoy views of the Ben Lawers mountain range and visit the ancient burial place of Queen Sybilla, the wife of Alexander King of Scots.

The coolest places to camp in Scotland
Stone Age Crannog at Loch Tay
© Alanfin/iStock/Thinkstock

Little Loch Broom

Looking for the ideal locale to go off grid? Then Loch Broom in Badrallach is your answer. Situated on the edge of Scoraig peninsula, the area is home to one of the most remote campsites in Scotland. Wet or dry, windy or sunny, there’s plenty of wildlife to observe and an abundance of activities to keep you busy, including traveling to the challenging heights of the Scottish Munros.

The coolest places to camp in Scotland
Dawn at the mountains © oceanwhisper/iStock/Thinkstock

Sandwood Bay

You’ll definitely have to pinch yourself looking out onto the vast expanse of pretty sand dunes at Sandwood Bay to remember you are actually in Scotland. This is a designated Special Area of Conservation, and camping out here offers a first-hand experience of one of the most unusual habitats in Europe.

The coolest places to camp in Scotland
Sandwood Bay © Jakub Solovsky/Flickr

Horgabost, Isle of Harris

Traveling to the Outer Hebrides puts you in a prime spot to channel you inner adventurer and give mountaineering, kite surfing or a host of other outdoor activities a try. Take in the dramatic scenery and enjoy idyllic sandy shorelines. Just don’t forget to pack your swimsuit.

The coolest places to camp in Scotland
Horgabost © Catriona Savage/Flickr

Galloway Forest Park

The enchanting waters of Loch Enoch will mesmerize even the most seasoned of campers. A trip to Galloway is an exploration of majestic landscapes – from rugged mountainous slopes to engulfing forests and moorlands. By day you get to explore the many species of flora and fauna, and by night, plan nocturnal stargazing expeditions, making the most of your stay in one of Scotland’s darkest locations.

The coolest places to camp in Scotland
A sky full of awesomeness © Paul Willows/Flickr

Isle of Lewis

You’ll never be bored camping on the Isle of Lewis. With a number of fascinating prehistoric remains including the famous Gaelic standing stones of Callanish, which offer magical views come sun down, and the ancient Iron Age Broch of Dun Carloway, a trip to Isle of Lewis is like setting up camp in the middle of a museum.

The coolest places to camp in Scotland
Northern lights at Callinish Stones © RichardALock/iStock/Thinkstock

Featured image: © Wazimu0/Flickr

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