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The most important thing any traveler can do is their homework. Why travel to a destination without knowing what you’re getting into? The same goes for getting there. The best way find value in your trip without breaking the bank is to be diligent, and to compare flight prices. With just a little bit of knowledge, you can save a lot of cash.

The first rule of thumb is to be flexible. Comparing flight prices allows you to see exactly what times of the year flights are skyrocketing or plummeting. Be sure to consider whether or not the “off season” is a good time to fly, or if flights are cheap because it’s hurricane season.

Travel midweek. Once you compare flight prices of a weekend day versus a Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll see that sometimes, depending on the destination, you can save much more money by simply rearranging your schedule. If you can be flexible like this, figure out which time slot works for your wallet, and go with it.

Choose alternative destinations. Can’t find a cheap flight to Los Angeles – any time of the year? Compare flight prices to other SoCal cities like Santa Barbara or San Diego to see where prices drop. Tickets to Barbados are too much for your timeline? Compare those flight prices with those of the U.S. or British Virgin Islands to get a similar Caribbean experience for less money, and a shorter flight.

Choose alternative airports. If you need to fly into a city like Boston, Logan International is not your only choice. Compare flight prices with airports nearby, like Manchester, NH or Providence, RI, to see where you can slim down and save.

Reconsider nonstop. Compare flight prices if you were to take a flight with one stop, and make your decision based on the numbers.

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