Cleanse the soul: Detox in Thailand

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Thanks to its warm climate, abundant sunshine, relaxed vibe and clean bathing water, Thailand makes a great location for a detox.

Detoxification can be broken down into three concurrent parts: choosing not to put toxins in your body (rejection); removing toxins already in your body (ejection); and the consumption of positive nutrients, ideas and feelings (ingestion).

In holistic terms, there are both physiological and psychological toxins.

Environment has a big impact on the effectiveness of each part. For that reason, many choose to travel away from home and detox at a retreat.

How do retreats help? Well, for starters they’re thought to eliminate toxins, immediately taking care of the rejection aspect of a detox. They enhance ejection through carefully planned activities like yoga, massage and exercise. Finally, they boost ingestion through special diets and the moderation of negative factors like noise.

Thanks to its warm climate, abundant sunshine, relaxed vibe and clean bathing water, Thailand makes a great location for a detox.

One Thai detox retreat has found a way of taking advantage of Thailand’s environment and ramping up the effectiveness of its rejection, ejection and ingestion practices – it has transplanted them onto a small cruise boat.

Phuket Island (Image: Earth-Bound Misfit, I)

The detox cruise leisurely sails around the islands of Phuket (including Racha Yai & Noi, Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi, and Krabi), dropping anchor at its guests’ whim (there are a maximum of 20 guests).

Bamboo Island (Image: Mark Fischer)

Yoga and massage sessions are offered on deck. The on board chefs prepare fresh, nutritious health foods like juices and raw food dishes. Some meals use fresh fish caught from the boat.

Railay West Beach (Image: Mark Fischer)

The personal fitness trainer conducts 20-minute workout sessions on nearby beaches. When the boat’s anchored guests are free to swim, snorkel or kayak in the region’s famous crystal clear waters.

Patong (Image: williamcho)

We think the best aspect of the cruise is how it gets away from the bright lights of towns and cities, allowing for stargazing every night – that’s what you call food ingestion for the soul.

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