Cheers to the Great British Beer Festival

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The festival’s really just one giant pub.

How many real ales, ciders and perrys does the typical British pub have? Three? Four? A handful at the most we reckon. Either way, they tend to be way outnumbered by bland, processed lagers and bottled ciders with million dollar marketing campaigns behind them.

That’s why beer festivals are so great. You get the chance to sample countless natural brews produced using traditional ingredients from a plethora of breweries. And we think the Great British Beer Festival at London’s Olympia exhibition center is one of the best.

This year there are over 800 different real ales, ciders and foreign beers to try. If you fancy saving yourself $3 then grab a $12 ticket online.

When you get there you have to buy/hire a glass (if you return the glass at the end of your trip you get a refund) then you’re away on your own beer-fueled voyage of discovery.

The festival’s really just one giant pub. And just like at a regular pub, it’s worth asking for a taste of an ale before you buy. The people representing the breweries will be only too happy for you try. Whilst you take your two sips worth, you’re sure to be hit with a barrage of information about its taste and ingredients. Every now and then it’s worth a listen – if you take away an appreciation of the kind things you prefer in an ale you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding a bad pint in the future.

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