Steeped in history, tradition and incredible buildings featuring Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque architecture, it’s easy to see why Prague remains a top pick on many travelers’ lists of dream destinations.

If a limited budget is keeping you from exploring this Eastern European gem, take a closer look at these cheap things to do in Prague. You might be surprised by how affordable the city can be.

Tram 22

Hop abroad one of the quaint trams that run through the city for a relaxing look at Prague’s historic architecture and neighborhoods. Your best bet for sightseeing is Tram 22, which will take you past popular sites like the Prague Castle and National Theater. The route also crosses the Vltava River with sweeping views of the Charles Bridge. A 90-minute ticket will run you 32 CZK (about $1.61 USD).

Charles Bridge & The Lennon Wall

Speaking of the Charles Bridge, don’t miss your chance to stroll across the Vtlava while gazing upon dozens of Baroque statues on this cobblestone bridge. Early evenings bring street performers and musicians to the bridge, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the nearby Lennon Wall. What started as a 1980s-era protest against the country’s Communist regime continues to bear messages of love and artistic expression, and visitors are free to contribute to the mural.

Petrin Hill

With stunning structures like the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral piercing Prague’s skyline, you’ll want to treat yourself to one of the city’s best views at the top of Petrin Hill. Here, you’ll see both the castle and cathedral jetting up from Prague’s cityscape, and you’ll also have views of Charles Bridge and Old Town Square.

Astronomical Clock

Old Town Square is worth a stroll, not only for the people watching in the midst of this historic former marketplace but also for landmarks like the Astronomical Clock. This 15th-century clock tower is beautiful to gaze upon any time of day, but at the top of every hour, you can also catch its “Procession of the Apostles” show.

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