Beyond London: 8 other cities to see in the UK

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Chances are, 98 percent of travelers who come to England come to visit London — and may not set foot outside the capital during their stay. But for the intrepid explorers among you, we’ve compiled a guide to the best cities to see in the U.K. that aren’t London. Venture beyond and discover what the rest of the country has to offer!


As property prices continue to skyrocket in London, rumor has it that hordes of young professionals are migrating north to Newcastle. And with a burgeoning arts scene, vibrant nightlife and competitive housing, who can blame them?

Newcastle © carneadele/iStock/Thinkstock (
Newcastle © carneadele/iStock/Thinkstock


The official home of notorious street artist Banksy and the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge — what’s not to love about Bristol? Nothing: that’s what!

Bristol © uppy61/iStock/Thinkstock (
Bristol © uppy61/iStock/Thinkstock


Since you’re on your way down to Bristol, you might as well stop off at Bath. This famous Georgian spa town was once the home of Jane Austen, and boasts a beautiful abbey, Roman baths and the only natural hot springs in Britain.

Bath © Anthony Brown/iStock/Thinkstock (
Bath © Anthony Brown/iStock/Thinkstock


Edinburgh never fails to impress. Traditional bagpipes sound out like a foghorn across the historic Old Town, resounding through the dark and twisted streets that tremble in the shadow of the castle. You can also visit the famous Elephant House café, where novelist J.K. Rowling wrote much of the early “Harry Potter” books.

Edinburgh © Jacek Nowak/iStock/Thinkstock (
Edinburgh © Jacek Nowak/iStock/Thinkstock


Otherwise known as the city of dreaming spires, Oxford is home to the oldest university in the country (yes, that’s right – older than Cambridge) and one of the leading academic institutes in the world. Try your hand at punting along the river Cherwell, or simply stroll through Christ Church Meadows in the footsteps of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Oxford © Aiselin/iStock/Thinkstock (
Oxford © Aiselin/iStock/Thinkstock


Famously the home of The Beatles, Liverpool F.C. and the port of registry for the fated RMS Titanic, we’ll bet you anything the city of Liverpool has some stories to tell.

Liverpool © SAKhanPhotography/iStock/Thinkstock (
Liverpool © SAKhanPhotography/iStock/Thinkstock


Glasgow has long been snubbed as the impoverished distant cousin of Edinburgh. But with multi-million-pound investments in the cultural sector promised for 2014, Glasgow is on the rise.

Glasgow © claudiodivizia/iStock/Thinkstock (
Glasgow © claudiodivizia/iStock/Thinkstock

Brighton and Hove

The vibrant and eclectic seaside resorts of Brighton and Hove can only be seen to be believed. Entirely charismatic and painted with a wealth of quirks and eccentricities, the landscape incorporates the famously tacky Brighton Pier, alongside the eccentric Royal Pavilion, notable for its exotic design both inside and out.

Brighton and Hove © cnx4004/iStock/Thinkstock (
Brighton and Hove © cnx4004/iStock/Thinkstock

Featured image: © Ingram Publishing/iStock/Thinkstock

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