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If you had asked us a decade ago, we’d have laughed at the idea of dining in aeroporto: we’d rather go hungry, thanks. Well the joke’s on us now, because some of the world’s finest chefs are setting up shop in airport terminals left, right and center.

Here’s our guide to the best celebrity airport restaurants around the globe, so you can dine gourmet pre-boarding.

Piquillo, John F. Kennedy International Airport

Would you expect anything less from the main gateway to New York City? We wouldn’t. Located at Terminal 5 of JFK, Piquillo is the brainchild of acclaimed chef Alexandra Raij, and stakes its claim as the first tapas restaurant in any U.S. airport. Sensational Spanish dishes include the popular cazuela with braised vegetables, and sumptuous scallops with chorizo.

Piquillo © alexandralaw1977/iStock/Thinkstock (
Piquillo © alexandralaw1977/iStock/Thinkstock

Cat Cora’s Kitchen, San Francisco International Airport

Cat Cora’s Kitchen is situated amid the hustle and bustle of Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport. Celebrity chef Cat Cora steals the show with her artisanal haute cuisine. Indulgent options include pistachio baklava and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, where ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.

Cat Cora’s Kitchen © Phil Denton/flickr (
Cat Cora’s Kitchen © Phil Denton/flickr 

Plane Food, London Heathrow Airport

Gordon Ramsay answered travelers’ prayers back in 2008, when he opened Plane Food at London Heathrow’s brand new Terminal 5. Express menus of high-speed haute cuisine include the roasted beef carpaccio and salted caramel panna cotta with peach. He also does gourmet picnic bags, so you need never eat airplane food again.

Plane Food © Gordon Ramsay | Plane Food (
Plane Food © Gordon Ramsay | Plane Food

Jamie Oliver, London Gatwick Airport

Rumor has it Jamie Oliver launched his eponymous Gatwick Airport restaurant to rival the success of Ramsay’s Plane Food venture at Heathrow. Pulling together a menu of food that can’t be faulted, this place serves up freshly made pizza alongside gourmet hot dogs, slathered with hot smoked beef and pulled pork.

Jamie Oliver © Hannah & Noah/flickr (
Jamie Oliver © Hannah & Noah/flickr

Boccone Trattoria, Toronto Pearson International Airport

Chef Massimo Capra takes Torontonians on a tour of Italy without leaving the airport. Located at Terminal 1, Boccone offers generous portions of hearty Italian cuisine, with authentic pasta and pizza, antipasti and salads made with the freshest ingredients.

Boccone Trattoria © riccardocignostudio/iStock/Thinkstock (
Boccone Trattoria © riccardocignostudio/iStock/Thinkstock 

The Perfectionists’ Cafe, London Heathrow Airport

Earlier this year Heston Blumenthal unveiled his newest venture, The Perfectionists’ Cafe, located at Heathrow’s shiny new Terminal 2. Promising a combination of nostalgia and British eccentricity, dishes include classic fish and chips with “the ultimate crunchy batter.” Sounds pretty awesome to us…

The Perfectionists’ Cafe © Shaiith/iStock/Thinkstock (
The Perfectionists’ Cafe © Shaiith/iStock/Thinkstock

(Featured image: Robert Schrader)

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