How to avoid getting pickpocketed (without wearing a fanny pack)

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Discovering you’ve been pickpocketed while on vacation is a surefire way to bring your getaway to an abrupt and unpleasant halt. Keeping your valuables secure while traveling is one of the most important things you can do to avoid being pickpocketed – but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to sporting a fanny pack on your travels.

From sleek money belts to fashionable coats, these products can help you avoid getting pickpocketed, and best of all? You don’t have to wear a fanny pack!

How to avoid getting pickpocketed (without wearing a fanny pack)
Pickpockets target tourists all around the world (Image: dullhunk)

Braza Secret Stash

Turn your bra into your secret weapon against getting pickpocketed with this line of discreet travel organizers by Braza. Big enough to carry your credit cards, cash and ID, the small pocket attaches to your bra with a strip of Velcro, keeping it out of sight from thieves.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Silk Undercover Money Belt

This sleek and silky money belt has two zippered pockets where you can stash your valuables, and it can be worn under your clothing so no one – including pickpockets – will even know it’s there.

Tank Top with Secret Compartment by Clever Travel Companion

Keep your valuables close to your heart and away from pickpockets with this discreet tank top. A secret pocket is built into the front of the tank, so you can easily access cash, credit cards and your ID. The zipper is discreet enough so that pickpockets will never even know it’s there.

Pickpocket-Proof Pants

If you want to keep your valuables in your pants, consider these pickpocket-proof versions with secret zippers to keep all of your items secure. Not only are they perfect for keeping your valuables out of the hands of thieves, but they’re travel-friendly, too: the nylon fabric is lightweight, dries quickly and wears like cotton. Plus, the women’s version can be rolled up as capris for warm weather getaways.

Sterling Jacket by ScotteVest

With 23 hidden pockets, you’ll have plenty of places to hide your cash, gadgets and accessories – and you’ll still look stylish, too! This travel jacket even comes with an RFID-blocking pocket to keep your credit cards protected from skimmers and the six colors let your personal style shine through, too.

Ladies’ Pocket Underwear by Clever Travel Companion

Keep your valuables stashed in the last place a pickpocket would ever look – your underwear! These smart boy shorts by Clever Travel Companion include two zipper pockets where you can keep your cash and cards, letting you travel worry-free.

Tips on how to avoid getting pickpocketed

Unfortunately, thieves and pickpockets target tourists in locales all around the world. Do your part to avoid becoming their next target with these helpful tips:

How to avoid getting pickpocketed (without wearing a fanny pack)
Keep your valuables secure and in your sight to avoid being pickpocketed (Image: balleyne) used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license)
  • Leave your expensive items at home – or at least out of sight. Flashing your expensive gadgets, wads of cash or designer jewelry can easily make you a target for pickpockets. When possible, leave your more expensive items at the hotel or at home. If you need to bring some of these items with you on your travels, be sure to keep them out of sight when in public places.
  • Pay attention. While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new city, don’t forget to keep an eye on your belongings and your surroundings. Paying attention can help you avoid becoming a victim of pickpocketing while traveling.
  • Avoid putting valuables in your back pocket. Your back pocket is one of the first areas pickpockets will target when it comes to swiping your valuables. Why? It’s accessible and out of sight, meaning they can stealthily grab a wallet, passport or money – and you may not notice until you’re back at your hotel room. If you need to carry items in your pocket, opt for your front pockets, an inside jacket pocket or one of the products listed above.
  • Carry strapped items across your chest. Whether you’re carrying a purse with long straps or a DSLR camera with a neck strap, don’t let these items hang loosely from your shoulder. A pickpocket could run by and snatch such items right off your arm. Instead, let the strap cross your shoulder and chest, and be sure your purse, camera or other valuable is in front of you rather than at your side. Keep a hand on the item, too, to make it more difficult for thieves to try to grab.
  • Keep copies of your important documents. In a worst-case scenario where you are pickpocketed, you’ll need copies of your important travel documents to prove your identity and your itinerary. Keep copies of your passport, ID cards, credit cards and itinerary both in your hotel room and at home just in case.

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