Adventure into the Grand Canyon [PICS]

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Spare a few days for an adventure deep into the Canyon.

Words can’t do justice to the immense scale and beauty of the Grand Canyon. This gallery will get you halfway there – but you’ll have to visit if you want to feel the full sense of awe the UNESCO World Heritage Site inspires.

According to the US National Park Service, the Canyon is a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide in places. Strangely though, when you stand on the rim, your mind really struggles to compute those numbers.

Your eyes only really get to grips with its stupendous size if you hike down one of the gorge’s many trails or take a trip along some of the 277 miles of Colorado River that cuts through the Arizona wilderness.

Most people make the mistake of only doing a day trip to the Canyon’s South Rim. Our advice is to spare a few days for an adventure deep into the Canyon. Take a guided raft trip that mixes the adrenaline rush of white water rapids with a bit of local wisdom about the Canyon’s native American and geological history. Alternately, take the longer route around to the North Rim for a view of one of the more spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see.

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