Adult-only vacation resorts

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Resorts that really give another meaning to the phrase all-inclusive.

There are some resorts out there that really give another meaning to the phrase all-inclusive. Set in tropical locations with a climate to match, they offer each guest the opportunity to relax, work on their tan and, most importantly, explore their wild side. Sun, sand, sea and, ahem, you-know-what…welcome to the world of adult-only vacation resorts.

Hedonism – Negril, Jamaica

Way back in the early 80s, the Hedonism brand brought the idea of an adult-only, clothing-optional resort into the mainstream. Today, the resort encourages guests to let their inhibitions go. And if the rumors are true – the owners unashamedly claim they are – most are happy to do so.

Temptation Resort – Cancun, Mexico

Temptation works hard to generate a party atmosphere, running games and activities that whip up a wild atmosphere and get guests mingling. Temptation’s hosts do a great job in creating a fun, no holds-barred vibe. In comparison to the more mature crowd at Hedonism, Temptation attracts a wide range of ages.

Desire Resorts – Riviera Maya, Mexico

There are two Desire Resorts in Mexico: Los Cabos and Riviera Maya. Unlike Hedonism and Temptation, Desire is a strictly couples-only destination. But that doesn’t mean an inhibited atmosphere – most guests take full advantage of the clothing-optional policy while lounging around the pool or on the many opulent beach cabanas.

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(Image: Temptation Resort)

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