A guide to Seattle’s best sweets

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Aside from salmon and lattes, Seattle offers a wealth of sweet treats to please even the biggest sweet tooth. This guide to Seattle’s best sweets is sure to satisfy.

Seattle is well-known for its flying fish and caffeine addiction. But aside from salmon and lattes, Seattle offers a wealth of sweet treats to please even the biggest sweet tooth. This guide to Seattle’s sugary sweets is sure to satisfy.

Bakery Nouveau

This French bakery serves up authentic Parisian treats, and the fresh pastries and chocolates are not to be missed. Try a twice-baked almond croissant soaked in syrup, an array of airy and colorful macaroons or an award-winning Phoenix cake – a triple-layer cake with pear, chocolate and caramel mousse.

Belle Epicurean

You can’t go wrong at a bakery that smells of rich butter and serves fresh buns, handmade pain au chocolat and towering chocolate mousse cakes. Or, you can indulge in a chocolate torte, chai mousse cake or a slice of moist coconut creme cake. The stars of Belle Epicurean are, without a doubt, the brioche buns. There’s always a special monthly flavor to try, or you can grab an old standby like the original pecan.

Macrina Bakery

A quaint cafe in Seattle’s SoDo district, Macrina Bakery is known for its delightful pastries and rich coffee. While you could opt for savory breakfast fare, the decadent options are hard to resist. Macrina offers everything from muffins and coffee cake to caramel turtle brownies, tarts and pies.

Simply Desserts

Hearty, all-American desserts are the name of the game at Simply Desserts in Fremont. You’ll want to stop by this bakery for cakes and pies. The chocolate white chocolate, strawberry white chocolate and Mexican chocolate cakes are customer favorites, but really, how can you go wrong with a thick slice of cake?


This Japanese-influenced bakery is best known for its Eastern-inspired desserts like green tea tiramisu and black sesame macaroons. Other dessert options include cheesecakes, tortes and pudding cake. When available, be sure to order the haupia cake, made with coconut milk, shredded coconut and fresh mango.

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