4 essential iPhone camera apps

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Here are the apps that’ll turn your iPhone in to an all-singing, all-dancing mobile photo lab.

There’s more to iPhone photography than taking a simple snap. These days, it’s all about composing complicated shots with multiple frames, sprucing and spicing up images with after-effects and sharing them with the big wide world through social networks. Here are the apps that’ll turn your iPhone in to an all-singing, all-dancing mobile photo lab.

Panoramic Pictures – Pano
With the Pano app, you can capture really wide scenes (panoramas) that simply aren’t possible in a single shot. Pano’s simple interface lets you take a series of photos (up to 16) before stitching them together to form a single, wide picture. The software is remarkably good, creating almost seamless images.

Shutter burst – CameraSharp
CameraSharp has a wide range of features like anti-shake, a sound-activated shutter and separate focus ad exposure controls. It also has a customizable burst mode, which enables you to take a large number of images in rapid succession, so it’s ideal for capturing kinetic scenes like fast driving cars or sports action. The same feature can be used to create time-lapse photography.

Editing – Snapseed
Most professional photos are edited to perfection in sophisticated programs like Photoshop. Many of the complicated functions of Photoshop are simplified and made mobile by Snapseed. The intuitive interface enables users to do a variety of basic edits, from cropping to detailed professional-style creative enhancements, relatively quickly on the move.

Sharing – Instagram
Chances are you’ve heard of Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) loved it so much he bought it for $1 billion! While there are many alternatives, Instagram is undoubtedly the photo-sharing medium de rigueur. Millions are using the app to share their unadulterated or filtered (Instagram enables user to add one of a variety of retro-style effects to their pics) images on Facebook, Twitter and with the Instagram community itself.

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