3 haunting U.S. cities

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Three of this country’s top towns that have mastered the art of the scare.

Three of this country’s top towns that have mastered the art of the scare:

  1. Let’s start on the West Coast, in San Francisco. Epicenter of the gold rush, the original 49ers (as in the miners) and – of course – the 1906 earthquake, this foggy, exotic city is the perfect place to hang out and haunt. The San Francisco Ghost Hunt will visit some of the City by the Bay’s most notorious haunted sites. You’ll seek out Flora, SF’s most famous wander ghost. She habituates California Street. Then there’s Gertrude, a beautiful author whose home became haunted when a barrel of rum was delivered to a party there. Problem is, the barrel housed her late husband. Finally there’s Mary Ellen, the so-called Voodoo Queen of San Francisco. Jim Fassbinder will guide you along the way. He’s no dilettante. This expert is a member of the Paranormal Research Society.
  2. Next up is Chicago. The city that gave us a gaggle of notorious gangsters and the Great Chicago Fire surely has some haunts worth their weight in ectoplasm. Chicago Hauntings is an historically based paranormal journey to murder sites, disaster sites, gang sites, haunted houses and a serial killer’s body dump. The tours are pegged to Ursula Beilski’s nearly two decades of ghost hunting and her Chicago Haunts series of books.
  3. Boston has bequeathed to us the American Revolution, some revolutionary thinkers and more than its share of ghostly sittings. Haunted Boston will unfold for you the untold stories that lie beneath Boston Common and the Boston Athenaeum. It will even show you which famous Boston hotel is the city’s most haunted. Paul Revere wasn’t the only one out at midnight.

(Images: Jeremy Burgin, W Mustafeez)

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