Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude and thanks for all the good things you have going on. And, as a traveler, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for all year round. So here are 19 times you’ve expressed gratitude for the small but meaningful wins you experience while flying.

1. When your almost-too-big carry-on shockingly fits in the bag sizer at check-in.

2. When you get in line for security just before a big wave of people hits.

3. When you remember to put your liquids bag and electronics at the top of your bag.

4. When your gate is a close walk from security and conveniently located next to the bar, the bathroom and a newsstand.

5. When there’s unlimited free Wi-Fi.

6. When you get the only available outlet at your gate.

7. When the flight attendant checking your passport tells you that you have a nice photo.

8. When there’s room for your carry-on right over your seat.

9. When there’s only one guy in your row and he moves to go sit with his wife.

10. When the movie you’ve been wanting to watch for the longest time is available as in-flight entertainment.

11. When the in-flight meal is something you might have cooked for yourself at home.

12. When the in-flight beverage is complimentary.

13. When you’re waiting in line for the bathroom and someone lets you go ahead of them.

14. When the in-flight Wi-Fi actually works.

15. When you get through an entire flight without any turbulence.

16. When they hand out warm towels before landing.

17. When you’re leaving and the flight crew wishes you a good trip.

18. Another perk of having a carry-on? No need to wait around at baggage claim. How lucky are you?

19. When you find yourself finally on vacation.

What else are you thankful for while traveling? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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