McDonald’s menu items around the world

There once was a time when McDonald’s was an all-American brand — a fast food chain that you could walk into, anywhere in the world, and order a standardized American product. Nowadays, it’s all about glocalization: the localization of restaurant menu items, which operates on a global scale.

Now, whether you’re craving rice in Hong Kong or kebab in the Middle East, you’ll find it all at McDonald’s.


In the land of cheese and bread, Mickey D’s answer to the Croque Monsieur is the Croque McDo. This Francophile snackette consists of two slices of toasted sweet bread, sandwiched with ham and Emmental cheese. Delicieux.


Vegemite is such an integral part of the average Aussie diet, McDonald’s had little choice but to incorporate it into their menu. Here you can order a savory English muffin pasted with vegemite – which begs the question, why no Marmite in McDonald’s U.K.?


Don’t ask why, but McSpaghetti has become a popular menu staple in the Philippines. This simple dish of noodles and sweet tomato sauce can either be ordered straight up, or as an accompaniment to fried chicken drumsticks. OK, we’re not convinced.


The two most covetable specialties on the McDonald’s menu in Russia are both deep-fried. Choose between Brie McNuggets and McShrimps, served with a portion of cocktail sauce. Less fast food: more gourmet.

Hong Kong

Some of the more curious items to emerge from the McDonald’s menu in Hong Kong are the Rice Burger, Rice Fun Bowl and Rice Fun Wrap. But that’s nothing compared to the soup-like concoction of Ham N’ Egg Twisty Pasta, which is recommended for breakfast.


A McSpecialty of East Coast Canada is the McLobster: aka a traditional lobster roll converted into fast-food form. Made with 100 percent Atlantic lobster meat, this on-again, off-again menu item has acquired a cult following across the Eastern shores, from Nova Scotia down to Maine in the U.S.


In the land where kebabs were invented, you’d expect nothing less than for McDonald’s to patent their very own version. Cue the McTurco: a soft flatbread wrap enveloping two meat patties, salad and hot pepper sauce. Oh, and they also deliver.


The popularization of McDonalds in India has led to the production of several spiced-up menu items, including the Chicken Maharaja-Mac, vegetarian specialties the McAloo Tikki Burger and Paneer Wrap, and the idiosyncratic McCurry Pan.

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