Floatplane tours in Vancouver

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There’s no better way to venture into the wilds that surround Vancouver than by floatplane (seaplane).

Until last year Vancouver held the World’s Most Livable City title for almost a decade – Melbourne snuck away its crown by the width of a hair. Laid-back, cool, friendly, safe and enveloped by British Columbia’s stunning natural landscapes, Canada’s third-largest city ticks every box.

While you’ll never tire of exploring this vibrant upstart of a city’s diverse neighborhoods, it would be a crime not to experience the region’s breathtaking snow-capped mountains, lush forests and pristine landscape.

There’s no better way to venture into the wilds that surround Vancouver than by floatplane (seaplane). An icon of the city in their own right, these 1950s-era propeller-powered planes fly in and out of the Strait of Georgia dozens of times a day.

Splash out on a one-hour sight-seeing flight on a ‘Beaver’ floatplane, where you’ll enjoy privileged views of the hanging glaciers and knife-edged ridges of Mount Mamquam (8,450 feet) and land on a remote crystal-clear water alpine lake. Taking off from the city’s Coal Harbour is a thrill in itself, providing spectacular views of Vancouver.

Alpine Lakes and Glaciers tour with Harbour Air, $289 per person.

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