Check out these Air Canada deals from Denver

From the friendly coastal charm of Halifax, through the chic sophistication of Montreal, to the cosmopolitan melting pot that is Vancouver, Canada is the consummately close travel destination for folks in search of a change of pace – one that’s accessible precisely because you don’t have to fly for hours to get there. The deal is even better this time of year, when non-ski rates tend to be lower and the crowds far less frequent.

Air Canada is offering an array of deals just now north of the border. These rates are one-way, and do not include certain taxes or fees. Certain flights may not be offered on each day of the week. Here’s a look at the kind of Air Canada deals you can expect out of Denver:

Denver flights to Calgary are $359.

– Denver flights to Edmonton are $296.

Denver flights to Halifax are $379.

– Denver flights to Montreal are $329.

Denver flights to Ottawa are $477.

– Denver flights to Quebec City are $379.

Denver flights to Regina are $195.

– Denver flights to Saskatoon are $222.

– Denver flights to St. John’s are $672.

Denver flights to Toronto are $329.

Denver flights to Vancouver are $233.

– Denver flights to Victoria are $421.

Rendering some of the return trips far easier is this: US Customs and Border Protection formalities take place in Canada in many instances – at airports such as Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. This pre-clearance makes it infinitely easier when you arrive back in the United States. Just get off the plane and go to your car, or connect onward to your domestic flight. No need to queue up and clear Customs on US soil.

What’s your favorite Canadian city this time of year? We’d love to hear from you.

Story by Jerry Chandler

(Image: Rupert Taylor-Price)