Airplane Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of Air Travel

While some people mind their manners mid-air, others leave their airplane etiquette on the ground. While you can’t change the person sitting next to you on your flight, you can lead by example.

We’ve compiled a list of common air flight complaints and airplane etiquette faux-paus that if avoided, could help make your next trip more enjoyable.

The Rapid Recliner: With the limited space available on airplanes, a reclined seat is sometimes the only way to get a few inches of extra leg room. The Rapid Recliner is the one who immediately leans back as soon as the wheels are off the ground. This creates a residual effect and soon everyone is falling back into each other’s laps. Do your backseat neighbor favor though, and wait just a few minutes before reclining. Keep the following mantra in mind: Give it some time and we’ll all recline. Need some help in avoiding the Rapid Recliner?

Get more airplane etiquette tips and helpful travel hints from the Institute of Aeronautical Wellness.

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