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Some refer to this rapidly growing metropolis as an afterthought of Toulouse, but it has enough irreplaceable character to stand on its own two feet without comparison. Others say that this city is southern France’s answer to Barcelona, but once in Montpellier, you realize that this dazzling seaside location has its very own unique personality, and needs no predecessor to define it. 

Students make up a quarter of the population, infusing the area with intellectual spirit, creative energy, and youthful ideas. Twenty-somethings crowd into bars and cafes with friends, brightening the atmosphere and injecting a jovial essence into the night. Because of its aforementioned rapid growth, when you travel to Montpellier, it may seem that small bouts of construction spring from every corner. In a way, it is what it feels like. New investments like a second metro line, and other more efficient, modern advancements are being instated to ensure that Montpellier physically grows with its population, cradling the residents and welcoming new ones as it develops. Its forward reaching goals and its historically reverent attitude keep Montpellier on a swing set of back and forth appreciation. 

Montpellier climate

If you book flights to Montpellier in the springtime (March to May), you’re in for absolutely glorious weather. It’s warm enough to take a swim in the Mediterranean, but cool enough not to feel scorched in the afternoon sun. Relax while you bask in the sunlight on the beaches, and enjoy the colorful floral displays that pop up all over the city. Beautiful weather is known to last here from May all the way to October. Summer temperatures roar up in the 80s, and the fall simmers down to the 60s. Winter, which lasts from late November till February, although cool, is still a perfectly pleasant time to book flights to Montpellier.

Best Time to Fly to Montpellier

The best time to book a flight to Montpellier is definitely during its mild shoulder seasons between March and May as well as October and November, when it’s easy to enjoy sunny days without worrying about sweltering heat, cold temperatures, or pesky rainfall.

Peak Season:

From May to October the rays of sun bring temperatures in Montpellier up to the 80’s, baking the streets and heating the sand, creating the perfect setting for a successful beach day. The middle of the day is the hottest, so be sure to plan most of your Montpellier travel excursions for the morning or evening, when the sun won’t be so strong. 

Off -peak Season:

Although there is truly no off season here, less travelers book flights to Montpellier during the winter months of December – February because the beaches are not as fun when the sun doesn’t shine. However, if you’re not interested in booking Montpellier flights simply for its Mediterranean basking, then there is plenty to do in this culturally-packed city.

Getting around Montpellier

When your flight to Montpellier arrives, you won’t have trouble finding your way downtown. A high-speed, high-tech tram stops at all the major highlights. It operates on a regular schedule and runs until late. There are also buses that run every day. The easiest option is buying a one day pass, which offers unlimited rides for both the bus and tram. You can buy tickets at tram stations or from news agents. If you get stuck out late, you can hail a taxi from the street at all hours. Or pedal yourself around the city by renting a bike for a full or half day.

Montpellier Travel Information

Seaside: If you’re booking flights to Montpellier in the summer time, and are aching for a little rest and relaxation on the beach, then you’ve come to the right city. Palavas-les-Flots, an area just south of the city, is known for its extravagant shoreline amenities, and beautiful, breath-taking scenery. It’s easy to get to – just take the bus from Port Marianne northbound toward Carnon, and you’ll see the stunning seaside, dotted with umbrellas in the sand, boats in the distance, and if you’re lucky, exotic pink flamingos wading in the shallow lagoons nearby. 

Place Royale du Peyrou: Perfect for a soothing walk, an invigorating jog, or a peaceful picnic with your travel companions, the Place Royale du Peyrou is a gorgeous tree-lined stretch that goes on for what seems like forever. If you look to your east, you’ll see the Arc de Triomphe, and to the west is the Chateau d’Eau. Surrounded by such compelling views, you may never want to board your flight home. Keep strolling, and you’ll bump into the 18th century Aquduc de St-Clement, where markets are busy selling organic food and second-hand books on Saturday afternoons. 

Musee Fabre: It’s no surprise that most people booking flights to Montpellier are in search of experiencing some kind of beauty and elegance in its roots – either by nature or by artwork. Musee Fabre is a magnificent gallery in the Hotel de Massilian, the origins of which date all the way back to 1803, when the first few items were sent to Napoleon. The most important pieces though, where given by Francois Fabre, a painter who later, in 1825 fostered the collection himself, and added inspiring Renaissance pieces like Poussin’s Venus and Adonis, and plenty of other portraits, still-lifes and movements. 

Cathedrale St-Pierre: One of the most wonderful parts of the Cathedrale St-Pierre has nothing to do with its grand structure, elegant beauty, or dazzling architecture (which are actually very impressive). This religious masterpiece’s most interesting attribute rests in its quirky history. Built in 1364, it had suffered through a number of wars and revolutions, and left incredibly damaged. During its state of repair, residents decided to rebuild it for a surprising new use – a medical school. For a brief time, the lavish canopied porches and two majestic turrets existed not for the sacred sacraments that it once housed, but now sheltered young, intelligent students who studied, toiled, and learned about the human body and its ways. As quickly as it turned into a school though, it just as abruptly regained its Cathedral status, welcoming patrons in for daily services. To this day, very little pretense exists within these walls, so book flights to Montpellier to experience the old church-turned-medical-school.


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