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One of the best things about the resort town of Hastings is its central location to everything. Travel 10 minutes by cab to the Barbados capital of Bridgetown and explore some of the best shopping the island has to offer. When night falls, grab a taxi to the St. Lawrence Gap and indulge in the nightlife until dawn. But the biggest reason travelers book Barbados flights to Hastings – the town’s simplicity. Hastings was one of the first tourist resorts of Barbados and still exudes the 18th century feel. Dig your toes in the white sand, relax under a palm tree, or take a dip in the ocean – whatever you’re looking for, a vacation in Hastings is sure to please.

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Silver Rock Beach: Those booking flights to Hastings clearly have one thing in common: the beach. Silver Rock Beach happily delivers as the perfect place for sunbathing and sand sports. Some compare the sand at Silver Rock to baby powder, and others rave about its ideal windsurfing conditions. Beach volleyball and cricket are other fun alternatives, whether you’re in the game or simply cheering on your friends. As the evening draws closer, head to the Silver Rock Restaurant for a infinite selection of cocktail and cuisine.

Snorkel: What better way to cool off, than to dive into clear blue water for a while? Strap on your goggles and hang low with the fish to experience both land and water during your travel to Hastings.

Showers: Don’t panic if your flight to Hastings lands in a bit of rain: Occasional afternoon showers are normal in Barbados, and are quickly followed by clear skies and warm breezes. View it as more of a refreshment than a vacation wrecker.

Mallalieu Motor Collection: Get your vintage fix with this comprehensive collection of antique vehicles. Settled in Pavilion Court, the Mallalieu Motor Collection is the perfect opportunity to wipe off the sand, and actually leave the beach once the sun’s done its job. Bill Mallalieu showcases his luxurious breeds like Hummers, Triumps, Bentleys and Daimlers in a pair of historic buildings built in the 18th century. Book cheap flights to Hastings in February to catch them on display at the annual Holetown Festival.


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  • Grantley Adams International (BGI) is where your one way flight to Barbados will touch down.
  • Enjoy Barbadian cuisine at restaurants on St. Lawrence and Bay Streets.
  • With over 25 sites to dive on the island's west coast, diving opportunities are abundant and versatile.
  • Explore fantastic underwater caves carved out by the sea after your last minute flights to Barbados.
  • Bikes and mopeds are available and an easy choice for sporadic day trips with frequent stops.
  • Admire the architecture: Victorian homes, artistic hotels, and wooden chattel houses.
  • Visitors booking direct flights to Barbados can still expect to experience some British influence.
  • Cheap flights to Barbados can be purchased if your travel dates and times are flexible.

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