Cheap flights to Antarctica

Antarctica might be one of the most desolate places on the planet, but more and more travelers are visiting the frigid continent to explore what archeologists and geologists have known throughout time: Antarctica is beautiful. Because it's not inhabited by a native population and isn't susceptible to the same amount of pollution and contamination found elsewhere around the world, Antarctica remains a vision in itself.

It's not easy to find flights to Antarctica, so plan the trip accordingly. The best way to see the continent is via boat - booking Antarctica vacations will offer travelers flights and accompanying boat rides throughout the land. There's a good reason for boating, too -- Antarctica's landscape is breathtaking. From beautiful, and massive, icebergs to the subtle glimpse of a hungry whale looking for food below, visitors to Antarctica will witness life unlike anything else. Nature-lovers will enjoy the vast amount of seals, penguins, and seabirds nesting about the islands with the Sub-Antarctic wildlife. Antarctica isn't easy to get to, but once there, visitors will never forget their journey to the end of the world.

Antarctica climate

Summer (late November to March) is the only time when tourists can visit Antarctica and even then temperatures are close to freezing along the coastal regions. The interior plateau is much colder due to its higher elevation and distance from the sea. The Antarctic Peninsula has the most moderate climate, with temperatures averaging from 5F to 60F (-15C to 16C). December and January are the warmest months and can have up to 20 hours of sunshine a day, while in winter it is dark almost 24 hours a day with temperatures falling well below -76F (-60C), and the surrounding ice pack makes access by ship out of the question. To view mating rituals among the seabirds and penguins November is the best month, while December and January are the height of the tourist season and when penguin colonies are feeding their newborn chicks. The best time to see whales is during February and March.

Best Time to Fly to Antarctica

Peak season:

One of the great wildernesses, Antarctica does not have a “peak season”, however, it is only possible to visit between November and March due to the temperature.

Off season:

April to October.

Getting around Antarctica

The only means of transportation in Antarctica are Zodiacs, large rubber inflatable boats. Wearing waterproof shoes is a must – feet almost always get wet when disembarking. Each boat holds about 12 people. Wrap up warm as you are exposed to the cold.

Antarctica Travel Information

  • The most popular way to see the vast white continent is on a cruise. This provides some luxury and also means that vacationers can see all of the main sights with ease on one trip. Experts on board the ships can provide all the information you need on anything you’ve seen – from penguins to polar exploration.
  • Deception Island is in the South Shetland island group and is created from a collapsed volcanic cone. The island is a horseshoe shape and ships can enter through one small break in the walls. There are hot springs, as well as an abandoned whaling station and a colony of chinstrap penguins.
  • Nearby is Petermann Island, home to blue-eyed shags, a member of the cormorant family, and Adelie and Gentoo penguins.
  • Cruises to the Ross Sea tend to be more expensive – and colder – than cruises round the South Shetland islands. The starting point will be New Zealand or Australia. The Ross Ice Shelf is, as its name suggests, a giant floating shelf of ice. The largest ice shelf in Antarctica, it covers an area the size of France, and is 1,000m deep at its thickest. Cape Evans Hut on Ross Island is the most famous of the huts used by Scott and his team.
  • Deciding what to pack for an Antarctic excursion can be tricky. It is always better to wear lots of small layers than one big jumper. If your outside layer gets too wet, then you can simply swap it for another one. Waterproof jackets and over-trousers are essential, as are waterproof gloves and a warm hat.


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