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Ask anyone to locate Andorra on a map and it’s likely they’ll search for a while. Ask a snow-and-ski lover to locate Andorra on a map, and they’ll show you a small little country located between




that’s famous for its winter runs. The country is so remote there is no principal airport so flights to Andorra must arrive at either

Barcelona Airport


Toulouse Airport

. Comprising of a mere 181 square miles, Andorra is packed full of picturesque scenery. Lined with lakes, forests and plenty of mountains in the backdrop, travelers vacationing in Andorra will have plenty to do and see. Several museums and monuments adorn the city center alongside first-rate restaurants, open cafes, bars and plenty of duty-free shopping.

Andorra climate

Andorra is a mountainous country, with cold winters and mild summers. The climate can vary greatly with the altitude. There are plenty of sunny days to enjoy and little rain. You’ll get the wettest in the fall. Plentiful snow in the winter makes for great skiing and popular ski resorts. The average temperature ranges between 28 F and 75 F.

Best Time to Fly to Andorra

Peak Season:

Andorra's ski resorts are at their best mid-December when snow is plentiful and skiers and snowboarders alike come to take in the slopes. The season lasts through mid-April, thanks to the help of man-made snow. Hiking season begins once the snow has melted and continues through October.

Getting around Andorra

The best way to get in and out of Andorra - and the only way - is by car. Andorra has only three major roads that all connect with the Spanish and French borders.

Those travelers heading to Andorra from France can take the train from Toulouse to L'Hospitalet where daily buses pick up passengers for the drive to Andorra.

Andorra Travel Information

Andorra la Vella 

Nestled within Ruin Gran Valera Valley is the cozy capital, Andorra la Vella. When you plan flights to Andorra, there’s no escaping its sole town – and for good reason. Its adorable amenities like shops and restaurants are what keep this principality humming to its own little beat. The small historic quarter is perfect for evening strolls or day trips, and it’s the perfect place to find luxurious souvenirs.

Placa del Poble 

Placa del Poble, or People’s Square, is located just south of Placa de Reves. For historians planning flights to Andorra, you won’t want to miss the modern government office building, where most official business of the area takes place. Great views of the valley and mountain are nearby, and the square makes a perfect gathering place (especially at night) to socialize, have dinner, and mingle among locals.

National Automobile Museum 

If you’re aching for some vintage art, but don’t know where to look, then head straight to the National Automobile Museum, where the term “art” is interpreted in a different light. More than 100 four-wheeled masterpieces from 1898 to 1950 live here, among antique motorcycles and bikes. Make sure to stop by here before you board your return Andorra flight.


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USA departure airports for flights to Andorra

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