Cheap flights to Owerri, Nigeria


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Flights to Nigeria

Useful information about Owerri

Foreign-exchange rate inOwerri₦10.00 = $0.03Source: Open Exchange Rates

More useful information about Owerri

  • For the best prices, avoid direct flights to Nigeria.
  • The Nigerian climate only has a wet and dry season.
  • If you take a last minute flight to Nigeria, be sure to at least pack a lot of sunscreen!
  • One way flights to Nigeria will save you money, but remember to have that passport in order!
  • Lagos is the second most populous city in Africa.
  • The city of Lagos is famous for its music scene, which spawned its own sub-genre of Hip Hop.
  • A varied environment: Nigeria both rainforests and deserts.
  • Nigeria is an extremely rich culture, with over 250 traditions and languages.