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Ways to make money with our travel affiliate tools...

Travel widgets

Add a white label or Cheapflights widget to your site and earn money.

Our travel widget allows your visitors to conduct a flight search on your site and display results on our page. This is our most popular travel affiliate tool, generating the highest revenue per visit.

Sizes available: 300x250, 728x90, 400x400, 120x600


Banners (desktop, tablet and mobile)

This form of online advertising entails embedding a static or animated image into a web page or app.

Link through to the Cheapflights website and earn money every time you bring traffic to us.

Many of our affiliates advertise the Cheapflights app on their site and earn money for every installation.

Text links

Text links drive traffic from your content to a specific landing page. We offer a huge selection of links that will work with your content and your audience.

Most affiliates link their content to us. This technique converts very well as the user is already interested in the subject and is most likely to click on the link.

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Payment Structure

Cheapflights pay an industry leading commission of at least 65%

At least 65%
  • Flight searches

    Payment is based on traffic sent to our advertisers.
    Commission - from 65% revenue share of the money we generate.

  • Hotel searches

    Payment is done per hotel booking.
    Commission - from 65% revenue share of the money we generate.

  • Car rental

    Payment is done per booking.
    Commission - 65% revenue share of the money we generate.

  • Cheapflights app

    CPI payment over valid installs, they vary depending on the market.

How we help you

  • Support team

    Support team

    We're here to help, just a phone call away. Contact us now.

  • User friendly system

    User friendly system

    Easy and quick to set up.

  • In house designers

    In-house designers

    So the tools look great on your site and people want to use them.

  • Free


    Completely free to join and use. Start earning money within days.

How are links tracked?

We use an in-house platform to track all affiliate traffic. Here you can look at dashboards, reporting, campaigns, network news and you can manage your own profile.

Our robust tracking system follows the customer journey from the first impression, through to the purchase. When a user clicks on a Cheapflights link an affiliate has implemented, it redirects into our platform for the transaction to be tracked. This will generate a transaction ID which tells the system when the sale happened.

We run continuous tests on the platform to make sure the data is accurate.

For flexibility, we allow affiliates to track different partners or sites they work with. We also added a few extra parameters where you can add any data which might help you optimize your traffic. If you want to know more about this please contact us (or if you are already working with us, talk to you Cheapflights account manager).

How to make the most of this program

When you join us, you will have your own account manager, who will guide you through the different tools we have and how to implement them. You should be able to make the most out of our affiliate programme such as advertising relevant products to match your content - if your content is about flights then flights related adverts will likely perform better than others.

You also need to consider which country you receive most of your traffic from. Users tend to convert better if the content is targeted to them, so we provide different campaigns for different countries.

One important factor to consider is where you plan to place the affiliate products on your site. Adding placements above the fold improves conversion. Advertising related content can also be a great way to monetise your site. For example, if you are advertising flights, you may want to add a hotel banner next to it, people who book flights often book their hotels too.

How to get started

  1. Tell us a bit about your website (using this form)
  2. We usually respond within 1 business day with implementation documents for the tools you want
  3. We'll start tracking usage of the tool and then pay you every month

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