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Top Travel Destinations on the Big Screen

Red carpet destinations provide inspiration for your next trip

Some people go to the movies to escape reality for a brief 120 minutes. Others hit the theater for inspiration on what to do next.

Whether you're escaping your current surroundings or just want some inspiration for your next trip, these top travel movies will help you plan the perfect trip. Once you watch these award-nominated travel movies, you’ll wish you were on location in some of these breathtaking destination hot-spots. Grab a bowl of popcorn, cuddle up and watch one of these artistic gems. The scenery alone will be enough to convince you to take a much needed vacation.

"Australia": If seeing Hugh Jackman run through the rugged terrain of the Australian outback doesn’t make you want to book flights to Australia, we don’t know what will. Shot mostly in scenic Darwin, the rocky Aboriginal land is like nothing you’ve ever seen. See what happens when two bold Australians (played by real-life Aussies Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman) plan to scale some of the country’s most treacherous land in pursuit of maintaining their own personal piece of ground. And if you happen to come across a hot Aussie like Jackman, then take advantage of life imitating art, and smile.

"Vicky Christina Barcelona": If you’ve never been here before, you’ll be itching to book a Barcelona flight the minute you’re done watching "Vicky Christina Barcelona." Summertime frames of sunlight, lust, and sultry splendor make the perfect backdrop to chronicle the lives of two beautiful women (played by Scarlett Johanssen and Penelope Cruz) who loll in the finery of Catalan culture. An Oscar nominee for best performance by an actress, Penelope Cruz captivates audiences and makes the Gaudi artwork you’ll see there seem like a secondary masterpiece to her beauty.

"In Bruges": If you’re in the mood for a trip filled with unexpected wonder and shadowy surprises, then book a flight to Bruges for an experience that rivals Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson's in their Oscar nominated movie, “In Bruges.” This beautifully restored medieval city sets a striking backdrop of Gothic architecture, sweeping canals, and gritty cobbled streets. Fortunately, unlike Farrell and Gleeson’s characters, you don’t have to be a criminal to enjoy the light and dark sides of this complex city.

"Mamma Mia": Although not officially nominated, we are giving mad acting props to Meryl Streep for her part in "Mamma Mia!" You can’t spend a minute in Greece without letting the exquisite color and vitality of its intensely bold culture wash over you completely. Jam-pack the perfect travel playlist with ABBA tunes and board your flight to Greece with a smile on your face. Create your own "Mamma Mia" dream as you sing along like Amanda Seyfried and Golden Globe nominee, Meryl Streep while you dig your toes into the sand and bask in the Mediterranean glow that only Greece can offer.

"Roman Holiday": Cities are like movies – the classics never get old. When you book flights to Rome, there’s no better place to experience the tryst of romance and royalty. Amid the stunning ancient architecture, decadent food, lavish wine, and scintillating atmosphere, stroll by the Colosseum like Audrey Hepburn in the 1953 classic, "Roman Holiday." Who knows, your own Gregory Peck just might be around the corner, anxiously awaiting your appearance.

"Under the Tuscan Sun": As much as the glitz and glamour of Italian cities lure even the dreamiest of travelers, sometimes there’s nothing better than the cozy indulgence of the countryside. If you’re in the mood for a bit of some grounding fulfillment, make like Oscar nominee Diane Lane in "Under the Tuscan Sun," and book flights to Tuscany. Lose yourself in a sunny villa and absorb all that the rich Italian landscape and exhale.

"Casablanca": It’s impossible to resist the yearning of this city’s flavorful nightlife. Although you may not be lucky enough to plunge into romantic entanglements with the brawny Humphrey Bogart, your flight to Casablanca does inevitably promise all sorts of pleasurable rendezvous dripping in opulence and saturated in desire. Take in the liveliness of the wide streets, the posh art deco facades and fascinating mosques along the way, and get ready for plenty of pleasant surprises.

"Sex and the City": Grab your favorite clutch, dig out your little black dress, and be prepared for a cosmopolitan-infused joyride. For anyone who’s ever dreamt of walking a mile in Carrie Bradshaw’s stilettos, book flights to New York City to spoil yourself in a consumer’s nirvana. You won’t get away with trotting around in your old running sneakers on these sexy streets, because whether you’re brunching in Brooklyn, spending on 5th Avenue, or downing your third martini, trust us, you’ll want to be on your best (or worst) behavior. Gather your best "Sex and the City" gal pals and raise a glass: here’s to being single and drinking double.

"Lost in Translation": The movie’s tagline, “everybody wants to be found,” leaves audiences and travelers alike with the same buzzing attraction. When the sun sets in Tokyo, neon shades of blue, pink, green and white light up the night and set the stage for an evening of intrigue. A rattling concoction of locals and internationals connect, just like the pensive and moody nighttime adventures of Scarlett Johanssen and Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation." Book flights to Tokyo to escape mediocrity and hold tight to the twists of fate that drive this fast-paced city.

"Moulin Rouge!": “Freedom, truth, beauty, and love!” Those four words are what drove the tenacious romance of the Bohemian Revolution that swept the underworld of Paris in the early 1900’s. Soaked with artful mastery and color of Toulouse Lautrec, and booming with courtesan nightlife of luxury and risk, Paris still embodies the extravagance of those times in which "Moulin Rouge!" ruled the city. If the devilish and pleasure-seeking subculture piques your interest, then book flights to Paris to see the legendary Moulin Rouge, which still stands today, brightly lit and pleading for you to see what’s inside.

Melisse Hinkle
A New England native but explorer at heart, Melisse has lived in four U.S. cities, spent a summer in Hawaii, made her way through wine-producing regions in Australia and New Zealand, and traveled around Europe while studying abroad in London. She is the Content Manager for the U.S. and Canada at Cheapflights.