Thanksgiving travel deals

Thanksgiving Travel Deals

Save money this holiday by finding Thanksgiving travel deals
Thanksgiving travel deals might seem like a myth, but trust us, they exist. If you’re looking to travel around turkey time, the key to getting the best deal comes down to one word: flexibility.

Here are a few tips on how you can find Thanksgiving travel deals to make your holiday the happiest (and cheapest!) possible.

Book early.
While it’s possible to get a Thanksgiving travel deal on a last-minute sale, it’s not always reliable. Waiting that long for a flight could mean you end up paying top-notch prices, or seeing your loved ones a lot later than expected. If you can get a move on picking your days and finding the right flights early on, you’re more likely to find a satisfying Thanksgiving travel deal.

Good mornings make easy flights.
You pay for what you get, so paying less for the last flight of the day doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best value. Late flights are more likely to be delayed or canceled, and if your flight is one of those, you’ll have paid for something you’re not necessarily getting. Instead, choose the first fight of the day. You’ll likely pay for on-time service and fewer chances of lines, chaos and cancelations. Thanksgiving travel deals are only deals if you’re getting everything you bargained for.

Travel on the day.
Since flexibility is king, sometimes the best Thanksgiving travel deals can be found on the feast itself. Opt for an early morning flight (as we mentioned) to get there in time for dinner. Depending on the airline, you may be able to save quite a bit on your holiday travel.

Check out other airports.
If you live within convenient driving distance to an alternate airport, be sure to check its prices on the same route you plan to fly. Sometimes, the cost can be much less, and if the airport is smaller, you’re almost guaranteed fewer delays, less lines and an easier journey through security. Thanksgiving travel deals can be found in unexpected places if you’re willing to look (and drive) for them.

Much like our reasoning for choosing early-morning flights, we think nonstop flights are the best overall value when looking for Thanksgiving travel deals. A tight connection could cause delays, making you miss your obligation in your destination city, and the whole point of finding a deal, is getting what you pay for, which in this case, is the right arrival time at the cheapest cost.

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