How to plan a cheap ski or snowboarding trip

Skiing is a fun winter activity, but it all adds up. From packing your skis to choosing the right destination, flights, lessons and accommodations, the snowy extravaganza can expand your budget faster than you’ll get down the hill.

Here are a few quick tips on planning a cheap ski vacation.

Pack smart. Figure out the cost of carrying skis on flights, and plan accordingly to save.

The more the merrier. It usually goes without saying, but some things are better done in groups.  Skiing is one of them. Package deals abound and offer enormous savings on lift tickets, hotel rooms, and food. Usually, groups of 10 most accessible level of discounts, so gather all your outdoorsy friends and head out

Go ahead, bring the kids. Plenty of larger ski resorts have teen programs and kid camps to safely (and inexpensively) get your kids on the slopes for less than expected.

Pick the perfect package. Don’t assume that you have to purchase a big-ticket package in order to get the best value. Mini passes, day passes, and kids passes can usually be purchased individually, so you’re not spending more on things your group may not need.

Consider smaller resorts. Along with a reputation for shorter lines, small resorts also offer steep discounts on lift tickets and trail passes.

Look beyond the mountains. What you really want here is the widest amount of value possible, so see what the destination offers by way of inexpensive shopping, affordable dining, and active downtown life.

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