Beautiful places to spend a rainy day

Rainy days aren’t always fun, but April showers bring May flowers, so sometimes the ran is worth it! While you’re riding out those April showers, plan your trips around these places that are great even–or especially–in the rain.

Edinburgh Castle (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

Edinburgh Castle (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, Scotland

There is something about Scotland’s Edinburgh Castle that is even more magical in dreary weather. Perhaps it’s that the dark imposing castle simply looks out of place in the sun. The same is true for much of Edinburgh, though, it’s a city that feels most alive under the shadow of clouds.

The Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum

New York, NY, United States

Few things slow New Yorkers down–definitely not a little rain. The half-indoor/half-outdoor Intrepid museum is a perfect compromise for when the weather gods don’t cooperate. Visit the giant ship-come-learning center and you’ll see almost two dozen aircraft on the flight deck, a 1960s style mess deck down below and even a Combat Information Center.  Plus, you get stellar views of the Hudson River which looks eerily beautiful in the rain.

Leadenhall Market (Image: Bruno Girin)

Leadenhall Market (Image: Bruno Girin)

Leadenhall Market

London, England

London’s Leadenhall Market is a glass-covered, partially open flea market, which means you’ll get the pleasure of staying dry and shopping while still being able to see London’s signature grey skies. Highlights include luxe candles at the Diptyque store and stylish clothing chain Jigsaw (a favorite of Kate Middleton).

What are your favorite places to spend a rainy day?

(Main image: renee_mcgurk)